Thursday, March 22, 2012's Top 10 Everything Food Lists just released its Top 10 Everything Food Lists in book form. I often frequent their website in search of some of the best dishes and desserts so I can personally try them out for myself. I use it as a guide for some of my food trips and late night cravings. The only problem that I have sometimes is that my internet connection is way too damn slow so it takes me a harder time to look at the website and browse through their Top 10 lists. And if ever you've been in the middle of that intense hunger-craving, you'd hate for that slow internet connection to hinder you from that oral satisfaction. This makes the launch of the book perfect in my opinion because you get a "hard copy" of all the Top 10 lists for almost any of your cravings.

Grab a copy now from your neighborhood bookstore and newsstand.

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