Saturday, June 04, 2011

Constant Change

As children, we were taught that there were 9 planets.  The last one being the coldest and farthest from the sun, Pluto.  Fast forward to today, Pluto is no longer considered a planet but is now a "dwarf planet"...

As children, we were already taught how to eat healthy and have a balanced diet.  Fast forward to today, the Food Pyramid we follow as children has now been replaced by the Food Plate.  Maybe with the continuous increase of child obesity in the US, First Lady Michelle Obama thought of changing up the whole concept of healthy eating.

It was Heraclitus that once said: Nothing endures but change. In life, everything changes. No ifs, buts, or exceptions. EVERYTHING changes. But it is up to us to know if the change is right or wrong.  It is up to us to follow these changes or ignore them completely. I do not believe that we are powerless against change because we have the greatest weapon of all... FREE WILL.

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