Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Boycott Or Not?

Forgive my insomniac ramblings, which by tomorrow I might regret. I'm really thinking of moving my blog to a more user friendly environment like Tumblr or Wordpress. The reason behind this bold move stems from the lack of a good app to post blogs on Blogger/Blogspot. Google must be too busy with the mobile phone and browser wars that they completely forgot the lowly Blogger. Micro-blogging is killing blogs and if they don't adapt, heavy blogging will certainly be a dying artform.

Lastly, this blog was not "Sent via iPhone" but painstakingly sent through a Flash-less Safari app on the iPhone. 15 minutes of my time gone to waste which could have been less than a minute via micro-blogging. By the way, if you see errors in spelling, you can blame the small QWERTY virtual keyboard or that damn auto-correct. Blame everything else except for this drunk amateur blogger.

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