Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Tokyo Series: Hana

September 11, 2010
2277 Chino Roces Avenue,
Makati City

There was no Uni Sashimi at Riozen and since we were craving for it, we decided to get it from Hana.

The Uni was really sweet and succulent primarily because of its freshness. Sadly, there were bits of grainy parts. Apart from that, it could have been perfect.

The smell of grilling Yakitori grabbed us by the collar and we got some too.

They were perfectly cooked and generously salted. We asked for the Terriyaki sauce on the side so that it would not have dilapidated the raw flavor of the grilled innards. A bit pricey but awesome nonetheless.

People were talking about Hana as having one of the best Takoyaki so we had to try it.

They were indeed the best Takoyakis I've ever tasted. They were fried perfectly outside but creamy on the inside. The creaminess was not indicative of it being undercooked but of cooking to perfection. We could not get enough of it but were really stuffed with all the food.

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Cza said...

Takoyaki!!!! Hay.. nagcrave naman daw ako din bigla :P

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