Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramen's Top Dog

August 28, 2010
Ukkokei Ramen Ron
A. Arnaiz Avenue
Makati City

I feel that my search for the best ramen in town has ended. Unless someone points me to another place, Ukkokei gets my vote as top dog.

Ukkokei Miso Chasyu Ramen

Soup base was amazing. It was thick and robust in flavor. Ironically so much tastier but had less sting on my tongue. The miso-based ramen that I got was like nothing I've tasted before. I would bathe in it if I could.

The noodles was a bit too soggy for me. Personally, I prefer a lot more bite when it comes to my noodles. Imagine cooking cup noodles al dente, that's just the way I want it. The only downside to this dish, in my opinion.

The chasyu was fatty and thick.

I love how everything you would want from a good ramen dish, you could find at Ukkokei. Apart from the noodles, everything was perfect. Reaching the bottom of my bowl, I didn't want my meal to end so we made an additional order but this time with butter and corn. Adding butter to an already perfect dish is like the epitome of excess. Something this perfect definitely will not be good for you. But it was. It was beyond perfect. I swear, I thought I heard angels sing with every spoonful.

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