Friday, August 20, 2010


August 20, 2010
Ramen Bar
Eastwood Mall
Quezon City

The perfect cure for any Ramen craving:

Ramen Bar Special #1

Loved the noodles. They were very plump and had a bite to it. The soup base was tasty but I liked Konbini's better. Vetsin was kinda heavy. The Chasyu was really tender despite being thick.

As of today, Ramen Bar is the second best on my list. Since I've only tried 3, the search continues...


charliepaw said...

Hi Oli, thanks for the nice review . BTW we don't use vetsin ,our soup base is boiled for 20 hours straight thats why the rich taste =) we will be adding more menu items the next few weeks because we are still on soft opening now =) Please come back and try our new dishes including new types of ramen prepared by our japanese chef when we officially launch =)

oliboy said...

i stand corrected. the soup was indeed flavorful. thanks for the correction charlie! great! we'll visit soon when the new menu items are up! btw, great service from your staff! :)

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