Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Cebu Pacific Story

So here I was still not having learned my lesson and flew Cebu Pacific (International) again. Luckily, this flight went smoothly for me. The airport experience was fast and efficient. And, apart from the usual annoying children, the plane ride was smooth, quick, and painless.

For me that is.

A persistent old lady beside me kept asking for water since she was going to drink her medicine. Well, that was her excuse but give her a break right? She's kinda elderly and was pretty vocal about things. The obvious thing to do was to give her the glass of water she wanted so she'll finally shut up. The smart service crew did completely the opposite. On top of that, she even asked the lady why she needed the water. This service crew might have been moonlighting as a detective with the questioning she had. I mean, the lady just wanted fucking water. For what? TO DRINK, STUPID! If she had only given her the benefit of the doubt and served her the water, I would be writing this entry.

With all this happening, I couldn't help but think that you really get what you pay for. You obtain cheap tickets, you get cheap service. But my question is this, why do PAL Econolight flights AT LEAST offer water? And never did I hear PAL service crew question a passenger of his/her needs. I thought to myself: "You are being selfish about water?!? Why, is there currently a drought?"

In the end, the stewardess gave the old lady the cup of water. But after giving her that hard a time, I was surprised she still accepted it. I felt really sorry for the woman. And believe it or not, when she asked for some more water, another stewardess asked her if she was the one who had already asked for water previously.

With Cebu Pacific, you indeed get what you pay for. But you know, you don't have too. Service should be from the heart and not based on strict policies. Not because the airline's rules on being frugal to "cheap flight" passengers, the least you can you is be human about it.

By the way, if you are appalled by this story. If you feel like vomiting because of disgust. Don't bother asking for a "discomfort bag", they don't even know the term. And to think it's written on the barf bag itself. Sad.


sheenuhbaby said...

kaya never na ako nagtake ng Cebu Pacific after they bumped me off on a flight & charged me 4,5k just for me to get to Cebu. Just want to spare myself from the hassle.

check mo from time to time PAL, they have cheap airfares naman. Also Singapore Airlines. Sometimes SQ is even cheaper than PAL.

dyosa said...

So they never gave granny water?


oliboy said...

In the end, she gave her the water but gave her a hard time again when she asked once more. Believe it or not, another service crew even asked the old lady if she was the one who asked for water earlier. Grabe!

shella said...

ayyy, ano ba yan why would they give an old woman a hard time for water. do they want her to buy the bottled water they sell. i couldn't help but think about my lolas what if this happened to them.

princess_dyanie said...

nakakaloka! tubig lang pinagdadamot pa! anu ba yan!

oliboy said...

shella and dyanie, sabi nga nya na she can buy naman daw water but it's against her principles na raw to buy pa when it's for medicine naman.

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