Sunday, May 16, 2010

Worst. Burger. Ever.

May 16, 2010
The Jeepney Cafe
Intercontinental Manila

Each time the Jeepney Cafe was mentioned, I usually get transported back to my childhood. I remember our annual hotel-hops during Christmas and the Intercon would be our last stop. I remember being fascinated with the decor of the "old" Jeepney Cafe. It used to be filled with jeepney replicas (if not the real thing) that doubles as a dinning area and a child's playground. I remember jumping into the driver's seat, acting out my "driving" skills. It used to be a place of refuge, a place of learning for me. Back then jeepneys were good. Back then I loved them dearly.

Fast forward to today. No more jeepney replicas. No more good food. And I loathe jeepneys.

I remember having one of these and loved it as a child. The classic Grandma's Beef Burger. A recipe that was supposed to be untouched since the 1960s. I did not like it. The recipe has evolved into this unpalatable piece of meat. The burger was tasteless. Moist but very bland. I've had better, tastier burgers in sidestreets than this. It was like my childhood was ripped from within me. I could hear it shatter in little bitty pieces. How can you go wrong with a fucking burger?!? I mean, the only redeeming factor in this whole dish was the fries, the mayonnaise, and the bacon.

Utterly disappointing how things we loved as children seem to always change for the worse. Was it just our innocence back then that tricked us into thinking that everything was nice and dandy? Or was this an evil result of change? In this case, I get why some people are afraid of change. Trust me, I get it now.


Boowy Buan said...

Great site bro! The burger looks dry!! Please add my site..its

oliboy said...

thanks man! moist naman pero walang lasa...

done! link my site too! :)

Doc ELARS said...

pre kasi high blood na si grandma kaya they cut down on the salt sa beef burjer nya.

oliboy said...

baka nga... pucha masarap pa burjer king e! hahaha!

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