Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unchanged By Time

May 15, 2010
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell

In my opinion, Kuretake has probably one of the best Tuna Sashimi in town. They used to have also the yummiest Salmon Sashimi but quality has deteriorated since the last time I sampled it. The only thing unchanged was the tuna. I don't know how they do it. How they maintain it throughout the years being in this business. Maybe that's why they are one of the few standing restaurants that side of the mall. Many have closed down but Kuretake has remained the best Japanese restaurant in the Power Plant Mall.

(photo by Aileen Tong)
The Tuna Sashimi was as fresh as the first time I tried it. I remember always how the warmth of my mouth melted the meat. I no longer had to chew the damn thing. Try allowing the walls of your mouth to close gently into the meat and you will experience the very thing that I hold dear about this place. The meat tastes really clean and fresh. No fishy taste. No slimy texture. Just perfect unadulterated tuna goodness.

The Uni Sushi was a little bit slimier than usual. Frankly, I've had better tasting uni than this. Don't get me wrong, it was not THAT bad. It was just ok. Then again, uni is uni right? One of the best gifts that the sea can offer so who am I to question this heavenly masterpiece? It was like questioning the air we breathe.

The Sukiyaki was good but not that great. The beef was pretty tasty and the soup was perfectly seasoned. Not to sweet and not to salty. It lacked a bit of punch in my opinion but the sukiyaki soaked beef made it all better. Sukiyaki was, after all, one of the dishes I hold dear to my heart. It was my mom's favorite dish when she was pregnant with me. I was technically eating this even before I was born.

For me, Kuretake has always been and always will be about the Tuna Sashimi. I've expected it to change in time but thankfully, it has not. They say we should never be afraid of change because in change we become better. In this case, it is the opposite. Change is bad. Never change Kuretake. Never change.


Anonymous said...

my favorite here is the beef usuyaki

oliboy said...

hey gourmandtales! long time no hear! i'll try that out next time! :)

fran =) said...

so where's the best uni sushi for you? :)

oliboy said...

still in japan fran. i've always thought it was good here until i tasted it there.

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