Monday, April 19, 2010

Where In The World Is Janet Hsieh?

Ok. So there I was on the treadmill at the gym and flipped to my usual channel of choice: Discovery Travel & Living. Janet Hsieh was on and to my surprise she was in the Philippines. To the people oblivious of who she is, Janet is a host of her own travel show Fun Taiwan and has been one of my crushes on that channel. The other one being Anthony Bourdain and my man-crush on him. That awesome wit and genius. That straight-forward and no reservations attitude. Anthony Bourdain is just AWESOME.

But I digress.

Janet's H-O-T and I hate that there was no news about her visit. Even in the blogsphere, not a word. I'm truly bummed! Bummed enough to actually blog about it, you see?

Now, to find that episode and download it.


Pouch_silay said...

W0w.. Pre,crush q din yan.sayang sana punta xia ulit dito.. Ang ganda.sobra......

oliboy said...

oo nga e. i hope she comes back.

kirotomo said...

Did you find the video of that episode?
I want to watch it too!!!

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