Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Le Coin Français

March 6, 2010
The French Corner
Westgate, Alabang

Coming to this restaurant was almost a year in the making. It's not a question of delaying the inevitable but all a result of wrong timing. Tonight, we finally got to try it out.

I was still on my 40-day abstinence from beef so instead of getting a steak, I got the (Seafood) Brown Rice Risotto as my main course. For starters, we got a small portion of Foie Gras and being it a French restaurant, French Onion Soup.

Our appetizer of the Foie Gras with mixed greens and arugula was pretty nice. The goose liver was perfectly seared and yet maintained that creamy delicate texture in the middle. The dressing on the salad was a tad bit on the salty side though.

I only tasted some of the soup since it was beef consommé and I was, like I said a few paragraphs ago, staying away from beef. The broth was a bit bland. Usually, onion soups would be really flavorful because of the stock and herbs. Their version was too watery and lacked punch. Even the melted cheese on top.

The Brown Rice Risotto was my choice for main course. I wanted a dish that I really haven't tried before and this was the closest I could get. I've never really tried brown rice in a restaurant before so I wanted to test their capabilities. Those on a diet are quite familiar with it since it is supposed to be the healthier alternative. I never really liked it though. For me it is both aesthetically and texturally unappetizing. The risotto of The French Corner was a different story all together. Frankly, I never knew brown rice could ever taste this good. The flavors were all sucked by the rice making it really tasty. The texture, surprisingly manageable this time. This is how you prepare brown rice: Unhealthy with lots of butter and meat... Yum!

My meal at French Corner was a bit incomplete because it lacked the "meat factor". Maybe after Lent, I can try it out again this time ordering the dishes with more texture so I can check their cooking methods and techniques. After this first time, we will surely come back for more. Next time free from all of this healthy/abstinence crap... I want my meat!


ALiNe said...

eat Meat eat meat! The best pa din Apt 1B french onion soup... uy Oli anlayo ng narating mo!

oliboy said...

i like the one at gulliver's din... sobrang flavorful yung soup! san kaya yung THE BEST no?

oo nga e, galing kasi kaming tagaytay so we planned to go to french corner for dinner...

malayo din naman narating mo with charlie's e! :)

Tim Sy said...

Oli, try their savory souffles.. i hardly see it in any other restaurants.

oliboy said...

chef billy king came from le souffle so we didn't try it out anymore since it may be the same...

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