Monday, March 15, 2010


Probably the best Ensaymada in the land.

(photo by Aileen Tong)
Diamond Hotel's Ensaymada

It comes in plain, ham, or ube. But I still like the plain above all.

Fluffy. Cheesy. Buttery. Just the way I like it.

You will never look at another the same way again.


ALiNe said...

Agree! Best ensaymada nga yan... Have u tried their royal chocolate cake(yun nga ba name nun).. super sarap din lasang ferrero.

Doc ELARS said...

walang bang satellite places na available to>

oliboy said...

will try that real soon... next time we're in rockwell! :)

doc, sa rockwell meron satellite. good coffee din from kohikan. if you like butter and cheese as much as i do, perfect to! :)

Manila Girl said...

I agree!!

Try their cheesecakes too. I love their plain baked cheesecake!

Haven't had their ensaymada in a while. Just made a mental note to revisit it. :-)

Doc ELARS said...

ok will attack soon tnx

oliboy said...

oooh cheesecake! will try that next time! thanks manilagirl! :)

attack doc! :)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

wow! I see this in Rockwell. Looks buttery and so yummy!! :)

oliboy said...

oh it is! :)

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