Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 2010 Lenten Sacrifice

February 16, 2010
22 Prime
Discovery Suites, Ortigas

It is an annual thing that I make a customary sacrifice during the 40 days and 40 nights of Lent. Starting February 17, 2010 (Ash Wednesday), I will not eat any beef. That is my sacrifice for this year.

We decided to spend this last night of beef at a steak place we've always wanted to try: 22 Prime. It is located at the 22nd floor of the Discovery Suites. Service, upon arrival, was impeccable. Our server was really accommodating and polite. That was the first thing we noticed right away but we came for only one thing: The Steak!

The Rib-Eye that we ordered was fairly priced and weighing in at 400 grams. It was definitely not a bad deal. The only problem was that my steak was a bit overdone. I usually have my steaks at medium-rare but they instead gave me a "medium" steak. I mean it was not that bad. A bit tougher as expected and the meat was a bit grainy and stringy. If it were only cooked the way I ordered it to be, it would have surely been amazing. The side of mashed potatoes were to die for. It was creamy, buttery, and very very fine. It literally melted in my mouth. Superb.

Accompanying the steak, I opted for a sampler of their soups. I couldn't decide on which soup to take so we decided to taste all of their available soups via the said sampler. My favorite was their version of the French Onion Soup. It was so good that I wish I had ordered it alone, instead of the whole sampler. My least favorite was the Cream of Cauliflower. I was kinda surprised with it's strong pungent flavor. Not at all what I had imagined it to be. The Lobster Bisque was just alright for me. It was a bit fishy but very very flavorful. A good compromise perhaps but not perfect nonetheless.

A perfect end for a new beginning. 22 Prime will surely make me miss the sweet metallic taste of that perfect steak. A taste that will be absent this Lenten Season.


ALiNe said...

wow 22 prime!!!

oliboy said...

na-try mo na there?

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