Monday, February 08, 2010

Condura Run 2010 - Run For The Dolphins

February 7, 2010
The Fort

Being a diver, I've always wanted to join the Condura Run because of its cause to protect the sea and to conserve its creatures. I missed it last year and I sure wasn't going to miss it this 2010. Running for the environment is probably one of my biggest motivators and because it was for the sea, an environment I hold close to my heart, I was intent on joining the Condura Run 2010 - Run for the Dolphins:

Ran 5k and clocked in at 37'27 (unofficially) according to my t1c. Race results just came out: 370th place, clocking in at 32:42 with a 6:33 pace. This was my best time so far and I'm quite happy about it. The goal is to drop it below 30 minutes on the next run.... and maybe go back to 10k.

Official Race Results can be viewed here:
Download PDF 42K Race Results
Download PDF 21K Race Results
Download PDF 10K Race Results
Download PDF 5K Race Results
Download PDF 3K Race Results


princess_dyanie said...

clap clap clap! for sure mas mabilis ka na next time! teka lahat ng players may medals?

oliboy said...

yup lahat ng finishers who registered early have medals! :)

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