Friday, January 15, 2010

Hawker Frenzy

January 15, 2010
Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Road, Singapore

Before leaving for Singapore, I had plotted this place on my GPS unit. This was definitely a foodtrip waypoint we weren't intending on missing:

Maxwell Food Center is one of the many hawker/food court centers there is in Singapore. It is an escape from your usual Mcdonald's or KFC. A different kind of fast food area that offers affordable eats for the yuppies and people on the go. We arrived at around lunch and the center was packed! It took us a couple of minutes to find a seat for 3. It was very fortunate to have the three of us there: one looked for a table and the other two queued up for orders. There were a lot of different stalls in the food center and following what a good food hunter would do, we went straight to the longest queues:

Tien Tien Hainanese Chicken - The best Hainanese chicken I've ever tasted. The rice was so aromatic and flavorful. The chicken was tender and juicy, not to mention, to die for! I requested for some chicken liver too! Y-U-M-M-Y!

Fried Oysters (Cake) - I like Taiwan's version better. Didn't like the flavor but the dipping sauce was really nice and complemented the cake really well.

Prawn Mee - I liked this dish but my companions didn't. They said it was too fishy for their taste. I thought that it was really good especially the noodles.

Fishball Soup - One of the best I've tasted. The fishballs were really bouncy and the texture was great. The soupbase was really tasty, not at all fishy and pretty refreshing to the palette.

We tried various treats from different stalls but the best meal we had was the chicken. We could have tried each stall if we weren't pressed for time. Next time, definitely!


Cza said...

Ang sarap naman!!! Di ko ata napuntahan yan.. semi-hawker place lang ata napuntahan ko. Makansuntra and the one in Chinatown. :)

oliboy said...

pwede na yun! basta hawker! mura na masarap pa! try the one in lao pa sat and this one! :)

princess_dyanie said...

agree ako dun sa Tien Tien! ang saraaap dba? nakakaloka lang ang pila nung nagpunta kami hehe. madaming tao nung nagpunta kayo? btw, nasa list din yan ni anthony bourdain eh hehe ;)

oliboy said...

luckily mabilis naman yung pila nung nandun kami... basta nasa list ni bourdain! sure shot! :)

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