Friday, January 29, 2010

American Comfort

January 29, 2010
Mr. Jones
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

People have been raving about this restaurant and so we had to try it. A play on the name "Mr. Jones" would be too expected so instead of doing that, I bring you directly my thoughts on our orders without being too melodramatic and for lack of a better word: "corny".

(Photo Credits: Aileen Tong)

Chocolate Milkshake - It was really creamy but not too much that it gave you a hard time sipping it through the straw. The texture was just right. Sweetness is a factor but it wasn't over the top like other milkshakes I've tasted.

(Photo Credits: Aileen Tong)

Seafood Pasta - The serving was overwhelming. You'd be full just looking at it. The pasta cooked perfectly and the sauce was great. Flavors were infused together and the seafood pretty much tasted fresh. It didn't taste fishy at all.

Fish And Chips - The self-proclaimed "best" was not quite what we had hoped for. The batter was a bit too thick and hard. The meat inside was a little moist but a little too flaky. It may have been overcooked. The best is still at Fish & Co.

(Photo Credits: Aileen Tong)

Eggs Benedict - Probably one of the best eggs I've ever tasted. It offered two types of meat: smoked salmon and double smoked bacon. The salmon was perfect but the bacon was tough. With this dish, you get the best of both worlds. This could even rival reigning Eggs Benedict champion: Apartment 1B.

(Photo Credits: Aileen Tong)

Carbonara - Almost authentic carbonara that used eggs instead of cream. This is evident with the yolk presented to you on top of a mountain of pasta. The dish was really creamy and tasty. I really like it.

(Photo Credits: Aileen Tong)

Tapa Overload - Like the name of the dish, this was indeed an overload of tapa. A little too oily but extremely flavorful. That is why I think that this should be eaten immediately before the oil settles. This factor aside, the dish was absolutely to die for.

Mr. Jones offers American comfort food. The comfort of having something warm in your stomach which is best when you have family and friends to share the whole experience with.


♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I heard they really have good tapa here. I wanna try the Superman Burger but it seems to be really BIG! Haha, I'll definitely share it with someone coz I'm sure I won't finish the whole thing.

oliboy said...

hey ♡u8mypinkc00kies♡! yeah, they do have great tapa... but a bit too oily for me so if you decide to try it out, better tell the chef to use less oil or change your rice to plain instead of garlic...

food is best shared... either that or bring an extra stomach for the superman burger! ;)

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