Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Ass' Split Second Of Fame


“Clearing the Coast" (A Born to be Wild special coverage)

Episode on September 23, 2009
Wednesday night, after Saksi

Each year in September, groups of people flock to the shores for a common purpose. Wearing shorts and wetsuits and carrying bags and tongs, they head out to the beach – not to swim or sunbathe – but to clean up the coast.

It’s coastal clean up month once again and the “wild boys" are off to another mission. This time, three adventurers hit the eco-trail. Doc Ferds Recio and Kiko Rustia are joined by non-other than fellow “wild man" Romi Garduce for an all-out clean-up of the ocean. Deployed to different coastal areas, they take part in making the seas a little bit cleaner, and a little bit safer for its residents.

They also trace the roots of the coastal problem and investigate the different sources of pollution in the water. What they find are shocking and challenging realities which will continue to threaten our seas long after each clean-up is done.

Don’t miss this special episode of Born to be Wild airing on Wednesday after Saksi!

From the GMA Channel 7 program Born To Be Wild: Clearing The Coast Episode


princess_dyanie said...

yay! andiyan ka? woohoo! sige watch ko to later sa house! :P

Cza said...

naks naman... sikat!!! :P

ALiNe said...

pwet mo ba yun olibear... lol!

oliboy said...

pwet ko lang sikat! ako mismo hindi! hahaha!

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