Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This Is Keema

August 4, 2009
Keema Keema
Madison Square Pioneer
Mandaluyong City

It's been a staple on those spontaneous cravings of kebab to immediately proceed to our neighborhood Persian restaurant, Behrouz. In my opinion, they serve the best! Many kebab places have recently sprouted in different areas of the metro but nothing actually compares to Behrouz. Keema Keema is one of the new kebab places out there but instead of concentrating on their kebabs, their speciality is actually their keemas. Keemas are simply unformed kebabs which are sometimes used as fillings but served with rice in Keema Keema. Sadly, they were in the process of rewriting the recipe that the owner suggested not to order it yet, not until they have perfected it. We opted for some shish kebabs, ox brain, and some classic kebabs instead.

Shish Kebab Platter - A very affordable dish when you want to try everything. A smorgasbord of meat. The only downside to this order is that there is no "bottomless" rice included... The best meats here are the Chicken Shish Kebab and the Beef Kebab. The other meats could use a little more adjustments in taste but good nonetheless.

Ox Brain - The favorite dish of the evening. Well, actually my favorite dish in these types of establishments. Tried it once in Behrouz and immediately got hooked. This is amazing with the long-grain rice that they offer. Too bad Keema doesn't offer the long-grain rice in any of its dishes. Ox brain in Keema is kinda different because it is fried almost to a crisp. I personally like it softer and not really crispy. I prefer the more delicate and creamy texture. It tastes better that way.

Beef Kebab - I like Keema's version because the kebab is more formed compared to Behrouz. Behrouz's version is more crumbly which I really don't like. The taste is practically the same and the sauces that accompany it adds that extra punch. Again, the garlic sauce could use a little bit less sweetness for the garlic taste to come out. The rice they could replace with long-grain also to keep up with the overall theme.

Keema Keema was not bad. An affordable alternative to Behrouz. It may not exactly be AS GOOD AS but it was as close as one can possibly hope for. A few more tweaks on the recipes and the perfection of the keema recipe (which we'll try next time) would make this up-and-coming restaurant one of the premier destinations for those late-night alcohol-fueled food-lusts...

At the end of the meal, take one for the road...

They also serve imported beers, FYI! :)


Anonymous said...

Diba imported ang Corona? =) HAHAHa.. - SHobe Cat

oliboy said...

imported nga! :)

Doc ELARS said...

Pansin ko nga kahit sa mga shawarma stands matamis ang garlic sauce. DI SYA DAPAT MATAMIS!

oliboy said...

it's because of the mayo kasi... dapat hint of sweetness lang talaga hindi totally sweet.

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