Friday, July 17, 2009

The Next Best Thing

July 16, 2009
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

The art of cooking. The beauty of presentation. The dining experience...

Creamy Mushroom In Puff Pastry (complimentary)

The appetizer reminded me of the cream of mushroom soup that we usually had canned in the sense of how it was really comforting. This time however, the mushrooms were fresher and the herbs infused made it really haute.

Buffalo Mozzarella, Sliced Parma Ham And Cantaloupe Melon
served with arugula and assorted summer leaves tossed in balsamic dressing

How can you go wrong with mozzarella and parma ham? Well, you can't! That's why the salad we had was to die for. The parma ham and mozzarella were amazing on its own but it steps on to another level when you put everything together. It was like all the different tastes and textures paraded inside my mouth like there was no tomorrow.

Prawn Tagliolini
with zucchini and tomatoes in a light mascarpone cheese sauce

This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Everything blended perfectly. The pasta was al dente and I loved how it tasted almost like my favorite e-fu noodles. I just love biting into a piece of pasta that has texture and toughness. The prawn was as fresh as it can be and it was cooked consistently and without error. They were also surprisingly abundant in the dish. I remember asking myself: "Fine dining doesn't usually have this much ingredients?" The sauce was also lovely. It had bits of zucchini which was perfect because I was craving for them for quite some time now. It also had this light sweet taste from the mascarpone cheese. This was a pretty unforgettable dish in my book.

Trio Of Grilled Australian Mulwarra Beef Tenderloin, Braised Veal Cheek, And Pan–Seared Duck Foie Gras
with Port wine glace, served with mousseline potatoes and vegetable cassoulet

Two things I liked about this dish was the tenderloin and of course, the foie gras. The beef was really tender and not at all stringy. Can't say it was that perfectly cooked but at least it was not THAT overcooked. Now foie gras (cooked well) is always good. The foie gras we had was not at all different. It was its usual buttery-delicate self, just the way we liked it. On the other hand, the veal was a bit stringy for me. The taste was great but the meat was kinda tough given that it was indeed veal. I guess the trio was just a duo for me...

Warm Chocolate Fondue Cake With Rosemary Ice Cream

The cake pretty amazing. The chocolate syrup oozing out of the warm fondue was a very appetizing sight. The warmth of the cake also contrasted with the frozen homemade ice cream which gave the dessert personality. The rosemary ice cream was a bit weird for us since we were used to rosemary in meats. Every spoon of the ice cream tasted like lamb chops or roast chicken to us. It definitely needs some getting used to but it's good.

After asking for the bill, we were greeted with a small plate of colorful macaroons as sort of like a parting gift. Thanks and complements to the Chef.

Aubergine is no Lolo Dad's but it surely came really close to it. The next best thing, wherein the food was superb and the service, excellent. And did I mention, it's less overpriced and much nearer (for us) compared to Lolo Dad's? After the whole experience, Aubergine is now one of my favorite restaurants in the metro.


sheenuhbaby said...

My culinary instructors (Chef Gandler & chef Hans) owns this resto :) The owner of Lolo Dad's used to be Chef Gandler's apprentice back in Mandarin Oriental :D Now I suddenly miss Chef Gandler's Osso Buco & Beef Stroganoff! :(

oliboy said...

thanks for the info sheena! :)

their food is yummy! :)

Cza said...

Wow... cheeeeeeeese!!! Steaaaaaaaaaak! Hay.. kakalunch ko lang tas nagutom ako bigla ulit dahil dito. Thanks for sharing Oli! :D

oliboy said...

hahaha! thanks cza, medyo late post na nga e... been pretty busy (other term for tamad) lately... hahaha!

ALiNe said...

Olibear... I always love this resto.. I wanna go back pero I'm on Tipid mode..hahah

oliboy said...

same here! hoy dpa natuloy food trip natin ah! maybe when the bf is in town... labas tayo nila aileen! :)

goodfor2 said...

food looks great

oliboy said...

it is! a must try goodfor2! :)

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