Friday, June 19, 2009

Thai Patio

June 19, 2009
Thai Patio
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

One of my favorite cuisines in the world is Thai. I still have yet to try the REAL THING in Thailand but I guess I have to settle for our restaurants here in the Philippines (for now). Hopefully next year, I get the chance to go to Thailand and experience their cuisine firsthand.

Thai Patio is a fairly new restaurant that opened in Greenbelt 5. It caters to the AB Market and reminded me of People Palace minus the dark ambiance. The atmosphere of Patio is a bit more bright and had a more hole-in-the-wall feel to it. Even the design of the kitchen window/divider was likened to hawker carts/shops. The place was pretty modern and minimal with some touches of the classics here and there.

One of the classic dishes is Tom Yum. Their version, however, was a bit TOO classic. The soup had no identity and I personally couldn't figure out if it was sour or bland or what! The serving was a bit small for the price. It was actually ONE serving for a price that could accommodate the whole table. I mean, setting the price issue aside, I expected a more special Tom Yum.

Breaking the normal routine of ordering the basics, we decided to try out the Roasted Duck In Red Curry instead. We were still hungry from that "cup-of-soup-for-two" that we really hoped for the best this time... The duck was very succulent but the cooking was a bit inconsistent. A few duck pieces were a bit tough while the others were cooked perfectly. The roasted duck added a new dimension and flavor to the dish. The red curry sauce was amazing. I love how the sweetness of the sauce was pretty evident amidst the smoky curry flavor. I was surprised at how the duck blended perfectly with curry. This is definitely a must-try at Patio.

Some of our friends ordered Pad Thai so we had a chance to sample some also. Presentation was kinda cool as they placed a net made from eggs over the noodles. A pretty good use of egg plus the waffle maker, don't you think? The Pad Thai was pretty good. Basic, but good.

Eating at Thai Patio made me realize more how important the balance between steep price, good food, and serving size is. I wouldn't mind paying a lot as long as the food is great and (not or) the serving size is ample. I think the restaurant has good food but they should revise their recipes a bit in terms of flavoring and serving size. Being pretty close to rival People's Palace doesn't really help since they have bigger servings there for the same price.

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