Monday, May 11, 2009

Oliboy's Adventures Goes To Pinatubo

May 10, 2009
Mount Pinatubo

Sometimes bad things happen and we wonder why? They say everything happens for a reason but is this just another one of the many clich├ęs our friends and families tell us to make us feel better? Trekking to Pinatubo made me see how one of the biggest catastrophes in the Philippines resulted in one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. And another Grey's Anatomy "relate-everything-to-your-life" moment later... realize that the reason for tragedy, catastrophe, and problems in our lives is to make it more beautiful.

More photos here.


ALiNe said...

Nice , buti hindi umulan :D

oliboy said...

perfect weather all through out alien! :)

Cza said...

nice realization! nice pic! nice adventure! :D I shall try this one sooooon too! :D

oliboy said...

you should! contact pj soliven... he's an awesome guide! :)

PJ Soliven

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