Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just A Memory, No More

May 13, 2009
Khao Pad
Ortigas Home Depot
Pasig City

Khao Pad is the old Thai Canteen located at UP Diliman International Center and Balara. People from the Katipunan area would surely remember this as one of the great food finds you can find in UP. This was a refuge for students and teachers during those busy school days. A place for good comfort Thai food, just like what "Mommy" used to make.

The Ortigas Home Depot - the new "place-to-be" nowadays, where the nightlife suddenly sprouted like wild mushroom. Filled with everything from coffee shops to restaurants to bars, the whole area now caters to the call center agents and dormers in the vicinity. Finding its way in the middle of it all, Khao Pad:

Pad Thai - Too bad they ran out of noodles and instead substituted it with sotanghon (mung bean noodles). The taste though was still the same even if the textures have been changed. I loved the spiciness of the dish from the chilis and the saltiness from the fish sauce.

Thai Spring Rolls - Fried spring rolls that were, in my opinion, too basic. The taste was far too simple and the textures were not extraordinary. Good thing there was vinegar to spice err "sour things up"! :)

Chicken In Green Curry - This was my favorite among all the dishes we ordered. It really tasted like the real thing. The curry was spicy and sweet. The chicken meat was really tender and succulent. Pouring the curry over some hot steamy rice was a temptation I surpassed which I'm sure, you guys will not be able to...

Tom Yum - This was just ok. It was not as authentic as I'd hope for but nonetheless a very soothing bowl of our favorite Thai sour soup. It tasted more like sinigang (Philippine sour soup based of tamarind) instead of the usual lime and lemongrass. Authentic herbs like these were clearly not visible in the bowl. On the other hand, it was a damn hearty soup. It had lots of meat and seafood in it like shrimps, squid, and chicken. It was quite filling.

Although Khao Pad didn't quite reach the authenticity of REAL Thai cuisine, it didn't matter. It was good comfort food and brought back so many memories of the good old college days. And for me, that right there was more than enough. Khao Pad will always be home to me.

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