Friday, April 03, 2009

Konbini Papparazzi

April 3, 2009
Konbini Store
Greenhills, San Juan

I don't understand why some restaurants disallow the taking of photographs. I can see the point of keeping company secrets from the public but can you really copy the exact taste of a certain dish just by looking at a digital photo?

I was given yet another "no photographs please" (surprisingly) from our friendly neighborhood Japanese store-slash-ramen house, Konbini. Good thing I was able to capture my meal in digital limbo just before the server advised me of their policy. I half-heartedly followed without understanding the reasoning behind it and tried to enjoy my meal instead.

The ramen was just ok, nothing really stood out except for the good broth. The ramen noodles was a bit too floury for me. On the other hand, the Ebi Tempura that we had as a complementary dish was superb. Probably one of the best I've ever tasted. The shrimp size was ample and you can taste the authenticity of the batter (ingredients) used. The tempura sauce also tasted quite differently and it blended perfectly with the already flavorful tempura pieces.

(Photo donated by my sister, Steph)

After the meal, the reasoning behind their policy was still a mystery to me. The meal was filling and very nice but it was not something to be so secretive about. I mean, except for the very good Ebi Tempura, nothing really stood out. Presentation was anything also but ordinary. Konbini has really no deep secrets to hide so why do they shy away from the camera?

Maybe their whole policy is the reason why we were the only two people dining on a Friday night.


Jomni said...

I don't get the idea of banning photographs as these blogs can be free advertising for them.

By the way, Konbini (コンビニ) means "convenience store" in Japanese.

oliboy said...

i don't get it too...

ooooh thanks for the translation! :)

musta jomni?

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