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Hong Kong Series: Thai

April 8, 2009
Wong Chun Chun Thai Restaurant
Jordan, Hong Kong

I'm not usually fond of eating cuisines from a different country when I'm in Hong Kong. I'm more into eating the indigenous rather than a try-hard replica. I was a bit skeptical with Wong Chun Chun for that matter:

The appetizer of Chicken Feet boiled in vinegar didn't help in comforting me from my fear. It failed to alleviate the pessimism from me. I mean, the Chicken Feet was cooked great, but it didn't blend well with the vinegar dressing. It reminded me of those weird appetizers in China I used to hate. I still prefer it in tausi and steamed like dimsum. But that isn't Thai anymore right?

I liked the Tom Yum though... it had a good blend of tang and spiciness. I think that this was one of my favorite dishes in the Thai spread that we had. The soup was made with herbs and spices that were very authentic. The shrimps used were also fresh and perfectly cooked. They were sweet, succulent, and a perfect protein for the splendid soup base.

Another one of my favorite dishes was the Steamed Fish in Tom Yum. The fish was perfectly cooked. The meat was moist and flaked beautifully. The Tom Yum stock was very very flavorful and had a more lemongrass taste. It was perfect for basting the fish by pouring the sweet, tangy liquid over the meat. The broth was also amazing over the bowl of steaming rice I ordered. Best dish of the night! :)

The Pineapple Rice surprisingly tasted much better than I had expected. Coming from that Pineapple Rice (or if I may rename it, Chicken Powder Rice) experience from Krua Thai I had just a couple of days before, I liked this version very much. It had (again) surprisingly (in Hong Kong nonetheless) less of the powder/MSG taste. It was generously flavored but not to the point of being too intense.

Crispy Chicken in Wong Chun Chun was not that great when compared to the one from Fung Shing. The chicken skin wasn't crispy at all but on the bright side, the chicken meat was very tender.

The Pad Thai was nowhere near the actual thing. The taste was much closer to Hofan than Pad Thai. The noodles were quite overcooked making it more sticky than solid. It was an utter disappointment and a destruction of a classic.

We ordered two kinds of Satay: Beef and Chicken. Both were really good and cooked perfectly. Some satays tend to be overcooked but this one was cooked through and through and yet it was very tender.

The last dish was the Sweet and Sour Fish. This was not as good as the Steamed Fish in Tom Yum but was very nice nonetheless. It had a very balanced sauce and coated the fried fish really well. The pineapples were also sweet and added another dimension to the flavors. If it were only Sweet and Sour Pork, I would be all over this dish! :)

For dessert, we decided on Tapioca Balls with Various Custard Toppings. The toppings were made from mango, sesame seeds, chocolate, or coconut. It was a nice dish to cut through the saltiness and spiciness of the entire dinner.

I enjoyed Wong Chun Chun because of some good dishes but it wasn't the best Thai food I've tasted. I'd still prefer eating Thai cuisine here in the Philippines. Or better yet, someday taste the real thing in Thailand.


info said...

Hi yo should try te THai restos in Kowloon City, and those at rat alley near Lan Kwai Fong.:)-dawn

oliboy said...

sounds good! i'll look into those pero when in Hong Kong, always go Cantonese cuisine! sa thailand na ako magthathai! hahaha! :)

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