Friday, April 10, 2009

Hong Kong Series: Steak Dinner

April 10, 2009
Steak Expert
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A stab at a steak dinner in Hong Kong was not a bad idea. We did, in fact, needed a little break from all that MSG-laden Cantonese cooking. My dad found us a nice steak place in causeway bay which hosted a lot of families and dating couples. My initial thoughts on the restaurant was a mix of anticipation and hesitation. I never really thought Hong Kong chefs had steak in their repertoire.

Rib-eye With Foie Gras - Steak was subpar. Foie Gras was nice but a bit overcooked. On the plus side, the dish was seasoned pretty well.

Seabass Over Pasta - The fish was milky and creamy as it should be. This meal surprised me the most because the meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked. I was not expecting it at all. Compared to the quite average steak, this was very notably twice better.

I was right. The meal was good and all but frankly, I've tasted better. Good thing the service was very very good. Well, being "very good" is an understatement with the service that we received.

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