Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hong Kong Series: Seafood Dinner

April 11, 2009
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong

Traveling via MTR towards the last station Tung Chung for a good hour, a 2-hour taxi cab ride to the Tuen Mun, a hefty transportation bill, and one hungry stomach was all worth it for the best seafood dinner I've ever had. I literally thought it was my last meal and I was about to die. It was that good. Plate by plate, every dish that arrived was perfect.

Tuen Mun is a town near the river and boasts a seaside market where you buy fresh seafood and have it cooked by the surrounding restaurants. Much like our very own dampas here in the Philippines but a bit bigger. Like how my brother aptly described it, it was indeed dampa on steroids.

We purchased a variety of seafood. Cooked, they looked like this:



Geoduck (Elephant Clam) Sashimi

Mantis Shirmp

Steamed Abalone

Steamed Crab

Tausi Razor Clams

Fried Geoduck

Oysters In Hot Pot (FYI: That's a TABLESPOON scooping the HUGE oyster!)

At the end of the meal, We could not fathom the satisfaction we got from all the excellent dishes. A perfect end to our Hong Kong Food Trip and a dinner that would truly echo in my memory forever.

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