Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hong Kong Series: Dinner

April 9, 2009
Super Star Seafood Restaurant (Times Square)
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Again one of the many famous restaurant chains in Hong Kong, Super Star Seafood Restaurant has been a staple in most of my trips to Hong Kong. They also have a lot of branches over the country and I believe they are also awarded for their food and service.

After a busy day of shopping in the massive Times Square at Causeway Bay, one can easily stumble upon this famous restaurant. Our visit, on the other hand, was planned:

Roasted Pork and Tofu Skin Roll - One of my favorites! Probably the best pork I've tasted during the recent Hong Kong Series (2009). Still in search of the best which, if I remember correctly, I tried from only a lowly sidestreet Hong Kong cafe. With disregard for location and/or sanitation (for that matter), it was heaven on a plate.

Stonefish Soup - Soup was very flavorful. It was the first time I ate Stonefish soup. I was scared at first because we all know that this is one of the most poisonous fish there is but nonetheless, I had to try it. Too bad though that in the bottom of the bowl we saw little morsels of shark's fin which me and my sister vowed never to eat again. I'm sorry but we didn't know the soup had it as a texture additive.

Mustard Greens (Mustasa) - Not as bitter as the ones we have cooked at home and together with the sauce of dried scallops, it was a very nice dish.

Giant Scallops - The scallop meat was HUGE and the flavor was superb. The meat was a bit overcooked in my opinion but so filling nonetheless.

Roasted Pigeon - I first tried this in Hong Kong and we had the best near our pad in North Point. My dad said it closed down because the owner dove into the stock market and drowned (pun intended). The roasted pigeons there were LARGE and very succulent. The best! Super Star's version however, failed in comparison. The pigeons were tiny and tasted really differently. Probably a different marinade was used. On a positive note: at least they were perfectly cooked given its small size.

Roasted Duck - After trying the Roasted Goose during our previous brunch, my dad told us to try the roasted duck to see if it was better than the goose. It wasn't. It was good in its own way and cooked very tenderly but I still prefered the goose. The duck meat was a bit too grainy compared to the goose and the meat was much leaner.

Fried Rice - Simply awesome! Now put some of that Roasted Duck drippings over it and it would be more than perfect.

Assorted Cakes and Pastries - I'm not fond of sweet stuff especially cakes and pastries from Cantonese, Japanese, or oriental cuisine. I believe the best can be found in European cuisines instead. In this light, I was surprised to taste good desserts at Super Star. It still has a long way to go compared to its counterpart but it was a nice end to a great meal.

Having been energized with dinner, anyone up for some more shopping? :)


Cza said...

waaaaaaaaah... nagutom ako dito. :| sana lunch na!

oliboy said...

hahaha! i'll take that as a compliment! :)

kain na! :)

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