Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hong Kong Series: Dimsum

April 8, 2009
Fung Shing
North Point, Hong Kong

The best dimsum in the world can be found in Hong Kong and even though this wasn't the best dimsum place in Hong Kong, it was still very good and very authentic compared to the ones we have in the Philippines. Surely nothing beats the real thing.

Hakaw - Skin was glutenous and sticky but not easily damaged. The stuffing of shrimp and bamboo shoots were amazing. Very nice.

Chicken Feet - Cooked very tenderly, the chicken feet was simply superb. The flavor was through and through from sauce to the bones.

Beef Balls - One of my favorite dimsum, tasted very authentic as how Beef Balls should be. No added extenders, full of beef.

Spareribs - Very tender from meat to tendon. Mouthwatering.

Siomai - Just ok, but a must-order for it is, in fact, a classic.

Apart from having very good dimsum, Fung Shing serves their specialty to us:

Soup Dumplings - Massive dumplings filled with soup and the stuffing used for the Hakaw. It's like a combination of Xiao Long Bao and Hakaw. Or what I call, Hakaw on steroids.

Crispy Skin Chicken - Fung Shing's specialty of chicken cooked by repeatedly pouring hot oil over it until the skin is crisp and the meat cooked. You can just imagine how this tastes like, Heaven!

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