Monday, March 16, 2009

3 Stars & A Sun

March 13, 2009
3 Stars & A Sun
Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City

Braving the payday traffic, I decided to go get my FMCC gear. I've always wanted to purchase his stuff even before his passing and thought of finally acquiring one. We were shocked to see a really long line when we arrived at the 3 Stars & A Sun store at Broadway Centrum but instead of canceling the whole plan, we got a number and fell in line. The number I got was the number 477 so you can just imagine how long the line was all day just to get FMCC shirts/polos. The brand became much more of a valuable commodity because of his untimely death. You know, I never really had the patience of falling in line for something but this time it was different. I just thought of it as a simple offering of my genuine condolences to the Magalona family instead of a waste of time or a financial expense. The feeling that I had after that 2 and a half hour wait was extremely gratifying. Very awesome indeed.

One more thing, there are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of unlicensed FMCC shirts/polos out there. A lot of people taking advantage of tragedy for their own gain. I usually don't care about buying fakes and stuff but please not this, and not now while everything is still so fresh. Have some heart people.


Cza said...

nice shirt! :D thinking of buying 1 also... :) sana meron pa. :)

oliboy said...

meron pa yan! dami pa stocks the last time i went...

AND they're opening a branch daw in rockwell.

Stone-Cold Angel said...

Was also planning to buy his shirts before his untimely death. But never got the chance.

Anyway, nice post! Palipasin ko muna issue... then bili ako ng shirts nya.

oliboy said...

hahaha oo para din less pila... :)

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