Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Just Another Frozen Yogurt

February 14, 2009
Cold Spoon
Angeles, Pampanga

So many yogurt places have been sprouting like wild mushrooms all over the metro. Wasn't until now that I realized how I much time, money, and effort I've wasted in trying out each and every brand. In the province of Pampanga nonetheless! Cold Spoon in my opinion is the best frozen yogurt I've tasted. Enough said. For the foodies/bloggers out there: Bring down the frozen yogurt rankings in your sites because this is definitely number one. If you don't wanna take my word for it, just try one crappy yogurt like Yogurbud and then head to Pampanga to try Cold Spoon. You will actually taste the difference between heaven and hell. It's creamy, consistent, and very flavorful. The tangy aftertaste is so much a bonus from the sweetness of the yogurt mixture. One spoon after another, you constantly hope that the dessert in your hand wouldn't be over. It was so good I had 2 small cups and 1 large one for the road over the course of two days.

Cold Spoon has set an awfully high standard and I hope that it continues to maintain the quality of its yogurt. People need to try it while its still "hot". You know how quality degrades in time.


princess_dyanie said...

waaaaah di ko pa rin natitikman yan! inggit ako! talagang my name drop ng crappy yogurt ha hehe ;)

btw, how much does it cost? is it expensive?

oliboy said...

yun nga e, best yogurt na! mura pa! P60 lang ang small size nya! try mo try mo! you won't regret it! :)

Anonymous said...

Yamee! I want another one! Small is P60, medium is P90 and large is P120 (ata)! YUUUM =P~

oliboy said...

large p150 nik, yan yung order ko before going back to manila remember? :D

fran =) said...

you're right! now cold spoon is tied with yoh-gurt froz as two of my favorite frozen yogurt places!


oliboy said...

hahaha franny! pare-pareho napuntahan natin! sana nagsabay na lang tayo para tipid sa gas! :)

teka comment ako sa blog mo!

princess_dyanie said...

sana may malapit kasi ang layo pa nun eh hehe pero pag napadaan ako pampanga try ko mga napuntahan mo ;P

Hi anna! thanks for the price info! :) mura nga! mas mura pa sa white hat hehe ;)

oliboy said...

yeah worth it yan promise but daan ka na rin sa ibang must-eat places para di naman sayang biyahe mo to pampanga! :)

jake m said...

it looks tempting. we don't have it here in iloilo.

oliboy said...

you have to come here to manila and travel to pampanga for it... don't worry, you guys have guimaras and i haven't been there! :)

thanks for the visit jake!

fran =) said...

oli!!! oo nga eh next time food trip tayong mga bloggers together :) no post pa on zapata's?

i'll share mine:


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