Saturday, February 21, 2009

Makimi Craving

February 21, 2009
Mañosa Panciteria
Dona Juana Rodriguez Street
Quezon City

My grandmother has been cooking Maki for us ever since we were little kids. I used to love this soup as a child. I loved the way the flour covered pork tenderloin strip were cooked in a soy sauce flavored broth and then topped with green onions as garnish. I loved how it tasted. It was my favorite soup when I was a kid. Until it was cooked almost 3-4 times a week at home. You can just imagine my system rejecting every spoonful of formerly Maki heaven. I got so fed up with it I would vow not to eat it anymore.

That was at home.

In Chinese restaurants or panciterias, Maki or Makimi (with noodles) was cooked differently. It came with a really thick soup much different from what we have at home. It was only later that I found out that the soup was supposed to be thick. My grandmother was doing it wrong all along. Don't get me wrong, I love her cooking. Well, except for her version of this soup.

The best I've ever tasted was at Ha Yuan in West Avenue. I think they already closed down or was renamed to another same-sounding Chinese name. But I fondly remember them serving the BEST! This was where I tried my very first REAL Makimi. Since I haven't really been to West Avenue for quite some time and was not sure if we could find the original Ha Yuan anymore, we decided to go to the next best thing instead. Mañosa Panciteria offers almost the same dishes that Ha Yuan offers. The origins of Mañosa is from the streets of Chinatown where the best noodles and dimsums are found. I had to experience for myself:

The Makimi was great. It surprisingly came really close to Ha Yuan's version. It's either that or all the while I was thinking I could not eat it anywhere else so I had to enjoy it.

I also tried their Kiampong or Chinese friend rice which was supposedly one of their specialties but my grandmother can make a mean Kiampong and this does not come anywhere close.

The Chinese Fresh Lumpia was also just ok. DEC (the convenience store) has better lumpia than this. They have it packed with more ingredients especially back in the days of abundant servings.

I think what Mañosa can be proud of is their Makimi. Very close to the best. Now, let's see if The Little Store's version can compete. Watch out for my blog when I do get to try it next.


goodfor2 said...

grannys really makes the best kiampong

oliboy said...

indeed they do! i think each chinese household and each granny has a recipe for their "best" kiampong! :)

Anonymous said...

Good news! The original Ha Yuan resto at West Avenue has actually relocated to Mo. Ignacia St. cor Timog Ave (beside St Paul Church). Maki mi tastes as good as ever.. craving for it now!

oliboy said...

that's great news anonymous!!! thanks! i'm going there as soon as i can! :)

stayfunny said...

Hello Oliboy... Do you by any chance know where I can find a good maki recipe? Can't find it on the net... hirap hanapin. I'm a filipio-chinese who's now migrated to Australia and I've been missing maki mi recently... I'm gonna try my hand at it tonight base on the best of my recollection.. it was good I chanced upon your blog to how it should look like... fingers crossed sana I can make it good. he he

oliboy said...

hmm... this is also based on recollection from grandma's cooking but it isn't as authentic as the restaurant kind.

buy everything from a Chinese import store so all ingredients would be at least authentic.

egg noodles. pork seasoned, tenderized and floured. soup = stock + soy sauce + msg. cook everything. thicken soup with wonder powder. top with green onions.

sorry for the lack in details. also not sure.

chill said...

Hi, would like you to know of Ha Yuan branch in Masangkay st. In Binondo. And Maki House in Banawe. . Im a makimi addict. . Hehehe. . I so love makimi and I hope we could learn of the recipe so that we could share it here. .

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