Thursday, February 19, 2009

Italian Valentine

February 14, 2009
C' Italian Dining
Angeles, Pampanga

Hearing raves left and right, C' Italian was the place-to-be when it comes to fine dining in Pampanga. A perfect place for couples to have their dates in and maybe even some marriage proposals. Date places in my opinion have been quite overrated. An extreme exploitation of couples in their time of weakness. Why adding a couple of restaurant designs for Valentine's Day can be a go signal for jacking up prices, I completely don't understand.

As much as I don't celebrate the dreaded Vday in any restaurant, let alone a high-end institution like C' Italian, I had no choice because this was an integral part of our mini Pampanga food tour. Imagine, right smack in the middle of a "date place" on Valentine's Day? Must've been an episode of the Twilight Zone perhaps? Nope. Everything was as real as life itself.

Surprisingly, the experience was not at all what I had dreaded. Completely the opposite. The place had amazing ambiance and the food was indeed as magical as they say. Here is the breakdown of what we had:

Panizza Rolls Royce- The Pannizza alone was superb but that was nothing when you try it together with the arugula and alfalfa. Trust me, it is as good as it sounds.

Pumpkin Soup - Amazing! The soup was flavored very well. The soup's texture was also consistent. The best thing about it was that you can really taste the actual product used rather than just tasting MSG/spiced broth.

Ribollita - I didn't like this soup that much. Don't get me wrong, the soup was good and very flavorful. It was just that we had lunch at Zapata's before and we had so much beans in our system that I was not up for anything else that resembled or made from beans anytime soon. I will try this again but hopefully with a less bean-filled stomach next time.

Seafood Pasta - I'm not particularly fond of red sauces on pasta but I liked this dish. The seafood were fresh and not at all fishy. The mussels are the usual source of the fishy aroma/taste but this pasta dish had no sign of it whatsoever. The various seafood were also cooked perfectly.

Ostrich - The ostrich meat was very tender. Perfectly flavored. The accompanying side dishes were equally amazing.

Tuscan Roasted Chicken - The best dish of the dinner. A roast chicken like none I've ever tasted before. A complete meal for a whole family in itself. Superb.

Chicken Gorgonzola Pasta - I liked this dish. The subtle tasting chicken meat was infused with the very strong Gorgonzola cheese. The dish was very creamy in texture and in taste. The sharp flavors of this dish may be an acquired taste but I definitely enjoyed it - even at the full state my stomach was in, I might add.

C' Italian not only surpassed my standards for good Italian fine dining but changed my whole perspective on romance and dating. Valentine's Day or celebrating any other important event is truly a worthwhile experience just as long as you do it the right way.

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aileen said...

we should definitely go back for the roast chicken and panizza! yummy :)

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