Monday, March 31, 2008

So Woo: So Crap!

Don't let pictures deceive you...

Nowadays, with the latest technologies in cameras, amazing photography techniques, and Photoshop, people easily get immersed in a photograph and get tricked by believing it. With good cameras, food looks better than it really is and people look hotter than they really are. I was really disappointed with So Woo Restaurant at Harbour Center near CCP. I should have known that it wouldn't be a very good place for Korean food since no actual Koreans were dining. One more thing is that the appetizers are limited, usually good Korean food has lots (and I mean LOTS) of appetizers that it'll make you full before even reaching the main course. We checked the menu and it has no Korean beef stew... a Korean place with no Korean beef stew?!? That was kinda odd, but we did no head the signs and continued to order.

The kimchi was ok so I was kinda excited but then came everything else... Bibimbap with NO MEAT and FRIED EGG (SO WRONG), TASTELESS Japchae, SALTY miso soup (is this even Korean?), and Samgyeopsal that has more vegetables than meat. The Bulgogi/beef stew wanna be was really awful! This foodie venture was indeed a waste of time (in going there with all the traffic) and money (P300 per head for a passable kimchi appetizer)! I don't expect this restaurant to get any better so I will NEVER go back to So Woo Restaurant.

You know, I really refrain from writing negative reviews on my blog and rather not write about it at all than lambast it within the world wide web which you know is a powerful thing. But with great power comes great responsibility. This restaurant was so bad we had to wash the bad taste away with a Halo-Halo comfort dessert from Iceberg's. Ironically enough, this was the place I forgot to take pictures of my Halo-Halo! Hahaha!

I give So Woo Korean Restaurant HALF a STAR for the average kimchi and yummy cold water they served! Other pictures can be found at my Multiply site.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Injury Update

Got my cast off and underwent a couple of stretching/walking exercises. I'm still having a hard time walking and it hurts a bit. Maybe I'll take the pain until it goes away but if it doesn't, I'll go back to the doctor and ask for maybe a boot cast. I hope the pain is just temporary though, the therapist told me it was normal since I didn't get to walk on the right leg for almost two months so the leg is kinda getting used to the body's weight again (and I gained a hefty sum of weight I believe which is NOT making things any easier).

I really want my leg to feel better and be able to walk normally. But, I know that I should take it slowly and quite literally, one step at a time...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Thoughts: Life Update Edition

Just got back from Japan. Food was great and Japan is great but not if you're handicapped! Awesome handicap comfort rooms though! AND YEAH, I'm sorry but I really had to try whale meat there... Yes, I'm ashamed... It's a one-time deal, I promise! Sorry! :(

Hooray! Gonna get my cast removed tomorrow and I'm so excited I'm planning trips out of town already. May 17-19 to Boracay (hopefully)!

If you wanna stop people from using drugs and/or stop the addiction to drugs, you should let them watch Paula Abdul on American Idol. Every moment she's shown on the screen, a caption will pop up and read: ALERT! YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!. This would definitely rid the world of the problem on drug addiction.

The Philippines is the crappiest country there is but I love it to death! If only we'd take care of it, that would be awesome! But like anything in life, you can't have it all...

So there, see you on the next update but for now I leave you with the biggest freakin' oyster I've ever seen and eaten recently at Century Seafood Restaurant:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

All But Wrong Timing

Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc! Life is all about right timings. Like in love, sometimes people don't end up together because they weren't together at the right time. Maybe a tad too early or maybe a bit too late. Too young to be in love sometimes and too married to fall in love with the right one. All about timing!

Been quite down lately because of my injury (see previous post) and visiting the doctor didn't change what I was feeling. Doctor said that in two weeks (March 26) I'll be able to walk again without the cast. Wrong timing: I'll be going to Japan next week, exactly a week before. I was a bit relieved when I heard that and tried to look on the bright side like I always do in crappy situations. Then he said, before I could go and be sporty, I need a couple of weeks more... 6 more weeks of physical therapy to be exact! Bummer! Again, wrong timing: Oli's inviting me to a dive end of March, my sisters are planning a Cagayan De Oro trip early April, AND I'll miss the Labor Day weekend from May 1 to 4 for cheap flights to Legaspi or Laoag (Cebu Pacific)! All about timing!

There is a good part in this blog though: the fact that I learned how to surf before my injury was great timing! So I guess, this summer will not at all be a zero... and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to salvage what's left of the summer season when I completely heal my damned leg! Like the song goes: Time is on my side... yes it is! Really, I hope it is...

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little Bit Helpless

Been feeling quite helpless nowadays, maybe this injury is getting to my head. I've been a great fan of life and the joys it gives me doing what I love. It's sad that for a couple of weeks now, my life has been so monotonous. I go home at night and go to the office during the day. That has been my daily routine nowadays since I couldn't go out having fun, diving, surfing, or traveling because of my crappy injury. I miss my friends, I miss going to restaurants and add food reviews on my blog. I miss going to the beach. Only thing I can do is watch the tube and grab a hold of a bit of humanity, living through the lives of others. Watching clips of travelers and divers doing what I want to do, isn't helping one bit you know? Yeah, I know that this is only a temporary injury and I'll be able to walk normally in a couple of weeks but I think I'm starting to crack! Again, shadenfreude-ish of me but thinking about others less-fortunate compared to my case is what keeps me going nowadays. It's just a small injury compared to those with paralysis or those really handicapped and here I am writing a blog and being whinny about it... stupid ain't it? Maybe this stupidity though will help me go through 2 weeks more in cast and 4 months of rehabilitation and make me a better person... I believe that everything happens for a reason and I really hope what happened to me has a good enough reason or I'll definitely go completely nuts!

Update: Going to Doctor Eufemio on Wednesday, March 12 for a change in the positioning of my ankle with a brand new cast... and MAYBE a fitting for a "walkable" cast! Fingers-crossed!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Zucchini's Grill And Vinotek

February 1, 2008
Zucchini's Grill And Vinotek
Quezon City

It was a year ago since I ate at Zucchini's and it was indeed worth the wait. My friend told me that Zucchini changed its location from Timog Avenue, where my first visit was, to Scout Tuazon. It was much more secluded now and had the more fine dining feel to it. Harder to find, but a better location indeed. We arrived a little before dinner and good thing the place wasn't packed, just a couple of families at the other table. This Zucchinni had a better atmosphere and a more high-end vibe to it, the place was bigger, and the servers more hospitable (a little in excess but hospitable still).

We had a hard time ordering since we both knew that food in Zucchini was really good and it was not a choice of which was a great dish but WHICH great dish to order. We ended up with the Minestrone Soup, the Lamb Chops, and the Spinach Ravioli.

The first to arrive was the bread and the Minestrone Soup. The bread was indeed very nice, it was warm and toasty. A slightly roasted garlic flavor was infused in the bread which is always good. My only comment was there was not enough bread to go around! :) The Minestrone Soup was very flavorful. It was as good as it should be, a comfort food and Zucchini's was indeed very comforting... I love the texture, chunkiness, and rustic approach to the soup. Very appetizing visually and full of flavor! The soup in itself was amazing but when you mix the basil-pesto infusion, it was heaven!

The Ravioli and the Lamb Chops arrived almost simultaneously and it was a good thing since our appetites were now going wild. I was craving for Ravioli for quite some time now and this was the perfect answer to that craving. The Spinach Ravioli was really good, the sauce was creamy and was the perfect accompaniment for the Ravioli. The Ravioli itself was a bit bland for my taste but when you incorporate it with the glistening cream sauce, the taste was just right! We ordered some Parmesan Cheese to top the Ravioli dish, they served us real grated Parmesan Cheese and not grocery variation (in the green bottle, you know what I'm referring to! Hehehe!) which was really nice! Pasta and Parmesan! Perfect combination!

Onto the meat (pardon the pun) of the matter, the Lamb Chop were so good! It was aesthetically appealing with the arrangement and the side dish. The caramelization of the Lamb Chops was perfectly golden brown and when you slice it, it was pinkish but not undercooked. The meat was very tender and you could easily tell that the meat purchased was of good quality. The meat was not marinated with anything but salt and pepper yet the taste was not at all gamy. I must compliment the chef on the fabulous way of preparing and cooking the chops! We loved it!

You know, with food like this, you wouldn't really be looking heavily on the price tag! I promise you, as I tasted the Lamb Chops, I didn't care to look at the price anymore since I knew it was worth it! I mean, 4 pieces of tender, tasty, lovely meat?!? That's 4 minutes of heaven in your mouth! Priceless when you think about it...

I'll come back to Zucchini sometime soon, I hear their Sea-Bass is to die for...
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