Friday, December 05, 2008

Dive And Turf

December 5, 2008
Zuni Restaurant And Wine Bar
Greenbelt 5
Makati City

Greenbelt 5 hosts some of the high-end fashion brands and restaurants in the metro. A meeting with old friends brought me to dine at one of the many restaurants there, Zuni Restaurant and Wine Bar. The place is fairly packed but since it was a Friday night, I wasn't really that surprised. At first glance at the menu, prices were really steep and I had pretty high expectations.

We started the meal with an order of French Onion Soup. I vowed myself to order this each time I see it on any restaurant's menu. So I did. Fortunately, Zuni's version was fairly good. Not the best but passable as one of the good ones. The beef broth base was really intense but I sensed a bit of MSG. My tongue stung a bit whenever I would sample a spoonful of soup. It was either they used a bit MSG or the broth was not homemade. You can buy broth off the shelf and maybe that was what they used. It was flavorful indeed but I don't know if the flavor had a degree of artificial flavoring. Overall though, this was a good hearty bowl of French Onion Soup that I really liked. Basic. Flavorful. And the mozzarella cheese on top was just heavenly!

Our main course was a plate of Porterhouse Steak and Sea bass. We were too hungry at this time so it may have clouded our judgment a bit, but the Porterhouse was really impressive. Cooked perfectly the way I like it: Medium Rare. It is not as thick as I would expect but at least it was good. Very filling. The vegetable side dish was also yummy. The Porterhouse Steak was really affordable since it was very big in serving size and when compared to the Sea bass order, it was Goliath! The Sea bass was tiny. For almost the same price as the Porterhouse, you'd want to expect something bigger. And too bad we got the end cut or tail-end of the Sea bass as the serving part since it was a bit overcooked. The meat was not moist and succulent, the way it should be. Instead, it was really flaky and dry. It must've spent a little too much time in the oven or warmer.

Zuni has one of the steepest prices I've ever seen in the area though I'm not a good judge in this case since I haven't been to the other restaurants yet. Sadly, the dishes we sampled in Zuni were not that extraordinary when you put price into consideration. Nothing really stood out. You can have these dishes at any other restaurant outside the ridiculous price range. I mean, if you are gonna do pricing and mark-ups on the food Zuni has, at least make sure they are above par and not just this average.


Try it out and you decide.

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