Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As Promised

Ma-Oli Ang Pasko, on its 4th Season, has officially come to an end.

Jela won the dock for just subscribing to my blog and as promised, I personally donated the price value of the dock amounting to Php 3,000 to the charity of her choice under her name.

She chose the Cribs Foundation, Inc. as her charity and here is the receipt of the donation:

Thank you for joining Ma-Oli Ang Pasko. I'm sure the people in Cribs are thankful for your generous donation. See you on Season 5 of Ma-Oli Ang Pasko.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody! :)


jelai said...

Thanks Oli - for the iBuzz and for the generous donation. I hope it will go a long way into helping Cribs in its mission. :)

oliboy said...

i'm sure it will! congrats jela! :)

mikky said...

how generous of you... may God continue to bless you for your good heart... happy new year!!! :)

acey said...

nice! :D

oliboy said...

thanks mikky and acey! just doing my little part to "pay it forward"... :)

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