Monday, August 11, 2008

Hong Kong: Perfect Lunch

August 2, 2008
City'super (Times Square)
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

After a morning of shopping, what better way to recharge and rest your weary legs with some City'super food. City'super is a foodcourt area found inside malls in Hong Kong which serves a variety of dishes. They serve Asian, American, and Indian cuisine. My brother and I would always go to City'super for lunch or snacks after a long day of shopping.

My favorite in City'super is food by Curry-In-A-Hurry. They serve Indian cuisine, obviously, and is really authentic. Even the kneading of the roti is done by Indians. I love their roti meal. It includes your choice of lamb, chicken, or beef curry. Vegetable siding. And my favorite roti. The way you eat it is to dip the warm roti into the curry sauce, bite into it, and cherish all the spices playing inside your mouth. The lamb, in the case of my order, is just icing on the cake. The real meal is the roti itself and of course, the very flavorful curry. One of my best comfort meals in Hong Kong...

Aileen got the Lunchbox set from the Korean fast food: Lee Fa Yuen Express. Me and my brother usually eats from this fast food outlet also but most of the time, we order the noodle soups. It comes in a very big serving and is a good accompaniment with the Curry-In-A-Hurry meal. What we love about Lee Fa Yuen is the fact that they have good kimchi and their meals are very affordable. Very big serving, very yummy, and very cheap.

We love City'super. It gives you great choices. It's easy to order even if you don't know Cantonese because most understand English and some Mandarin already. The servings are very large. The prices very affordable. The best part is, after eating at City'super, you'll not only feel recharged but will, even after eating so much, still have enough money for more shopping...

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