Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hong Kong: Favorite Comfort Food

August 2, 2008
Café De Coral
Mongkok, Hong Kong

Whenever we're in Hong Kong, we never fail to go to Café De Coral. This has been our refuge. Our resting ground from all that walking and shopping. I will never forget one cold, rainy night in Hong Kong when we didn't know what to eat and were so cold to even think. The first restaurant we saw was Café De Coral and so we entered. We were surprised with so many people eating inside, heeding shelter from the coldness of the Hong Kong night. One of the best meals I've ever had in Hong Kong was in Café De Coral. I vividly remember what we ate that night: Mutton and Tofu Skin Hotpot! The mutton was really tender and the soup was really flavorful. To top it all off, it had one of my favorite add-ons there is: tofu skin! You can just imagine the enjoyment we had while eating this and drinking the hot soup. We really felt warm and very capable of walking around through the cold night for some more late-night shopping.

Eversince that moment, I vowed eating at Café De Coral everytime I'm in Hong Kong. It was a part of the actually Hong Kong schedule now, a must! This time I was with Aileen and it was her first time in Café De Coral. We ordered their special for the day, a steak meal. We should have ordered the famed Baked Porkchops in addition to the steak meal but we were afraid we wouldn't be able to finish everything. Café De Coral offers huge servings. Much like City'super, they offer very affordable meals. Their food may not be actually THE BEST but it will very much get you through those hunger pains. They have various recipes they use in perfect timing with the weather or with holidays. It seems that Café De Coral answers my craving all the time. Oh did I mention they have the best Nia Cha (Milk Tea) in Hong Kong also?

Café De Coral has comforted me once in a time of need and in return, I always make it a point to include her in the Hong Kong eating experience!

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