Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Know You're Having A HARD Time:

When you are a restroom signage on viagra.

Funny random photo I took at the Robinsons Galleria mall with my Sony Ericsson Z610i. We were about to watch a movie then, when I saw this funny sight on the restroom's door and decided to take the shot. :)


spanx said...


must've been a very exciting movie!

oliboy said...

coincidentally it was the DIBIDI you bought... the happening!

exciting but not really worth a hard-on! hahaha! :)

Valerie Lipio said...

ikaw nag adjust ng ____ ng sign noh? Haha! =P

oliboy said...

hey! of course not! actual pic yan!

caryn said...

wahahahaha! great powers of observation!

oliboy said...

you can always count on one's dirty mind... hahaha! :)

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