Monday, July 14, 2008

Thai And Try

July 12, 2008
Mall Of Asia, Pasay City

For lunch, we decided to go to a new restaurant in Mall Of Asia. Well, not exactly new, Jatujuk has been situated inside Mall Of Asia for a while now. It's new for me though because it was my first time to sample it. The ambiance reminded me much of Pho Hoa's restaurant style. It is not much of a theme restaurant but leaning towards the fastfood concept. The utensils and cookery were, on the other hand, themed. In order to really check out the quality of a Thai restaurant, you have to sample these basic Thai cuisine:

The soup. Tom Yum Soup. I really love sour soup. I love how it's so sour that when you think about it, the salivary glands of your mouth immediately produces lots of saliva. The sourness is basically what I look for in any Tom Yum Soup. That is why I really like Jatujuk's version of this Thai must-order. It is really sour and my mouth is literally watering now as I write this. When I think of the taste and describe it to you, I have to have some tissue here beside me or else I'd drool all over myself. Kidding aside, this is probably not the best Thai Tom Yum Soup in town but really really good. They used all the authentic Thai ingredients like galangal, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, and basil. This was my favorite dish here.

The curry. Green Chicken Curry, to be exact. My favorite type of curry although I may try the red curry instead the next time I eat Thai cuisine again. This dish was very spicy and hot. They used a mixture of dried basil and fresh Thai basil which was really cool since there was a contrast of flavours WITHIN the dish. It added a different dimension to the dish. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was really flavorful because of the intense curry flavor smeared on each chicken piece. This is probably not the ultimate curry (green) I've tasted but definitely one of the best!

The Pad Thai. One of the staple in Thai cuisine. One of my favorites as well. The Pad Thai that Jatujuk has was really good. It had the perfect blend of sweetness already that you don't need to really put sugar on it anymore. The dish also had a very big serving size which was really good.

Thai Iced Tea. The iced tea was not my favorite since I don't like milk teas in the first place. Objectively though, the milk tea was not as strong as I'd hope. It was a very big serving but it was more ice than tea. The tea could have been stronger to keep the actually flavor of the authentic Thai Iced Tea.

The taste of the food at Jatujuk was reminiscent of Blue Onion which was once one of my favorites and probably one of the most affordable Thai restaurants out there. Jatujuk is not anything different. Fairly affordable and really good. Well, it will not beat our Krua Thai and People's Place but it is definitely one of the few good Thai restaurants left out there if you're craving for some.


ALiNe said...

Tsalap dito olibear!

oliboy said...

oo nga e! sarap nga alien! :)

Chinang said...

You should guys try Muang Thai in Banawe. For me it's real good and amazing price :)


494 Banawe St.
Quezon City

oliboy said...

we will chichi boy! :)

thanks! :)

sheenuhbaby said...

I agree re: Muang Thai =)

oliboy said...

hoy sheena may blog ka pala! sa office mo pwede ba yan?!? cge, try ko yan! pag di masarap, bayaran mo pagkain namin ah! hahaha! :)

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