Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Original Jake's

July 3, 2008
Jake's Charbroil Steaks
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Was excited to try this restaurant out since we tried the local version of it here in the Philippines. Jake's Charbroil Steak can be found in Malaysia and is probably one of the original steakhouses in Kuala Lumpur. Again, our set menu consisted of soup, main course, and dessert with coffee or tea. I was looking forward for the steak lunch but wasn't expecting much simply because it was, Malaysia. They cook things much differently here. Exotic ingredients. I was excited, but I definitely lowered my expectations.

The soup didn't do much good for my initial lowered expectations. Honestly, it lowered it even more... The soup that was served was one of my favorites. French onion soup with freshly baked garlic bread. I love the beefiness of the soup. The beef broth is actually the key to a good french onion soup. Soup base alone, the onion soup they served failed me. Actually it was not their fault. We all know that there are many religions sensitive to the use of pork and/or beef thus the soup broth was as safe as possible: chicken stock. Chicken stock will never EVER be a match with onion soup. It will NEVER be the base of any onion soup. In my opinion, they should've made another soup instead like chicken noodle soup or something instead of creating a soup that doesn't mix well together.

With EVEN lowered expectations in my heart, the main course arrived. It was rib-eye that was cooked medium rare just the way I like my steak done. The steak was pretty good. Definitely a great leap from the onion soup. I really liked it since it was really juicy and wasn't overcooked. It was cooked evenly throughout the meat cut. It was indeed very flavorful because of the charbroiling. Very very good main course. Probably one of my favorite lunches during the whole trip.

The dessert was literally forgettable cause I really forgot whatever we had. Must have been the great main course that completely made me forget the dessert or the chatting I had with my Malaysian colleague about scuba diving and our separate experiences regarding the subject. All in all, good conversation can really move you faster though a meal like locusts though a plantation. Good thing though we were all silent during the main course else I wouldn't be able to sample one of the originals of Malaysia's carnivore hangouts.

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