Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fisherman's Cove

July 2, 2008
JW Marriott Hotel
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

First actual lunch in Malaysia and honestly, I'm not that excited. Been to Malaysia a couple of times and I never really liked their cuisine. First time in Kuala Lumpur though so I'm a bit intrigued if there are actual differences from area to area. Frankly though, I'm more excited in seeing the Petronas Towers than eating their food. Moving on...

Our menu consisted of set dishes that was prepared for us by our colleagues here. They told us that with every lunch, we will experience different kinds of cuisines. The dining area of "Feast" area of JW Marriott consists of a variety of restaurants much like a shop in shop concept you see in malls. They have a wide mix of different kinds of cuisines to choose from. First up, seafood at Fisherman's Cove. Red Guava Juice was served to us before the meal which was really nice and refreshing. Definitely a good way to open our palettes up for the set meal to come.

The meal proper started with the soup. Funny how for almost weeks now, this soup has been showing up all over. Everywhere I would eat, thi soup would make it's presence felt. Pumpkin Soup. I love pumpkin soup. BUT their version of the soup was definitely not upto standards. The pumpkin had a curry taste in it and it was so overpowering that the pumpkin taste was nowhere to be found. It became more of a curry sauce rather than pumpkin soup. Good thing the serving size was small, less soup to bear with.

Next was the main entrée which was a choice between Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fragrant Rice or (my choice) the Grilled Barramundi Fillet with Mashed Potato and Kyuri Salsa. The barramundi was grilled perfectly and was cooked well. Not overcooked. The meat was a tad dry which needed a squeeze of lemon for taste and texture. The taste was divine. The mashed potato was also really good. It was very smooth and silky in texture. It melted in your mouth like butter on a piece of warm bread. I wasn't a fan of the salsa, it was really different from actual salsa. Probably because it lacked that herb that makes the salsa taste like it should be, cilantro.

We were treated a serving of chocolate mousse for desert which looked unlike any chocolate mousse I've seen. It was sort of a deconstruction of sorts from the actual "slice" of cake. And instead of scooping it into a cocktail glass, it was plated over a sweet mint sauce and topped with roasted watermelon seeds and a piece of milk chocolate. I really liked the dessert served to us. It was not too sweet, very creamy, and looked really different. The combination of the taste of the milk with the watermelon seeds was very good. Although they should have used dark chocolate instead of the milk chocolate to give it that extra jolt of flavor, I really liked how the dish was put together and how the different tastes and textures mended together.

In conclusion, Fisherman's Cove was a good restaurant with a cool ambiance. It gives you the feeling of being a fisherman in your old-school bamboo fishing boat eating the fruits of your labor. The pumpkin soup gave me a little scare but eventually it turned out to be a surprisingly good meal.


ALiNe said...

Ang itim naman nun chicken..heheh!

oliboy said...

hindi chicken yan! hahaha! i ordered the barramundi fish instead of the chicken! adik ka na naman alien e! hahaha! :)

princess_dyanie said...

ay nasa KL ka na pla..

punta ka na sa petronas dali! hehehe ;P

ALiNe said...

hahah! Yeah! nabasa ko nga na fish pero mukha kasing chicken e,kaya sabi ko chix yan... LOLz!

bnycastro said...

I think "this, i command" lang wala atang thisss e, check here: wikipedia si Cobro Commander yun may hiss e?

oliboy said...

princess_dyanie, yup later tonight i'll take a cab towards the towers. :)

oliboy said...

alien ka talaga! di kaya mukhang manok?!? hahaha! :)

oliboy said...

i stand corrected... di nga "thisssssss" i command! hahaha! my bad! :)

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