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Chinese-Stylin' In Malaysia

July 2, 2008
Restoran Oversea Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For dinner, our colleagues treated us to some Chinese food somewhere near the JW Marriott where we stayed. The restaurant had an unorthodox name: Restoran Oversea Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Yes, that was it's complete name. Which was indeed kinda scary since it was more like a food trading company rather than an actual restaurant.

We started of with the usual Chinese assorted meat platter which was just so so. I kept on comparing it to what we usually eat here in the Philippines and also in Hong Kong (which is the best). It was really even better here in the Philippines. It had nothing much to offer but AT LEAST, the pork belly's skin and the suckling pig's skin was really crispy. It wasn't much of a loss because of those two meats.

Next up was the herbed duck. It reminded me much of the mixed herb soup that we used to drink when we were kids called Si But. Well, we do drink it until now. Honestly though, I've been drinking it almost once a month and I'm sick of it. But they say it's good for you so I try to drink some once in a while. The herbed duck was made up with (I think) the same herbs used for the soup. It was good. The duck was really tender and perfectly cooked. The sauce was very thick because of the slow-cooking method and is always a good viand on rice. Pouring it over hot rice and putting it inside your mouth while tasting all the flavor and the juices is definitely something amazing! A very good dish indeed.

This next vegetable dish was very similar to the local pinakbet which was a favorite in the restaurant. This was also probably my favorite course during the whole meal. The vegetables were fresh and perfectly cooked. The flavor of the fish paste and chili blended really well. It was so good that it took only one turn of the "Lazy Susan" in the middle of the table, we literally didn't have seconds.

The next dish was in a claypot. It was, I believe, their version of a claypot stew. It was filled with gelatinous thinly sliced pork belly stewed in a fish sauce base. The dish didn't quite hit the target since I really didn't taste the fish sauce. The soy sauce was too overpowering to even taste the flavors. It was not actually salty but there was no distinct flavor because of the dark soy sauce used.

I was getting full by this time with all the courses being offered. BUT when I saw this dish, my "fullness" just went out the window. It was GIGANTIC (yes, MONSTROUS, I'm not exaggerating) tiger prawns that was blackened by molasses and spices. This was in a class on it's own. Definitely one of the best prawn dishes I've ever tasted. They say that big prawns have little or less flavor compared to the small shrimps but this was not the case with this dish. The prawn meat was very flavorful. YUM YUM YUM! That's all I can say...

The second vegetable dish came in and it was also one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Stir-fried broccoli stalks. In Hong Kong this is normally blanched ever-so-quickly in stock and served with hoisin sauce poured over it. In Malaysia, it was just stir-fried with garlic and spices. The flavor was absolutely amazing. The stalks were not soggy and had a bite to it. It was cooked perfectly and tasted even more perfect. Now I know that anywhere I go, this dish is always good as long as it is cooked delicately.

Protein in the meal also came in the healthier form of tofu. Also a staple in the Chinese cuisine and is also one of my favorites. What we ordered was fried tofu with dried baby shrimps. This was just an ok dish. Which didn't really register on my taste meter. The tofu and shrimps didn't quite mesh together as a dish. The sauce also didn't provide anything but coloring. Should've order another plate of those MONSTER prawns instead. :)

Last served was the fish head soup. This was a very good soup. Had a very clean flavor which was not really heavy to the taste. Even if we were on the brink of exploding, we all drank the soup without hesitation since it gave a sort of comforting effect to our already filled stomachs. I really don't like fish head that much so I just drank the soup. I tasted a little of the fish head and it was surprisingly tasted good. Not at all fishy and very beautifully cooked. Awesome soup.

We were all full but somebody wanted dessert so we had to choose something. We picked a cold soup which was really refreshing. It was made up of nata de coco and lemon slices. It tasted almost like iced tea with nata de coco bits. The dessert was not that good but it was very refreshing indeed. I just love cold desserts. They didn't have my favorite dessert though, mango purée and tapioca so we opted for this second rated (not even) dessert.

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