Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Angels' Kitchen

July 21, 2008
Connecticut Street
San Juan

I've been wanting to try this restaurant for the longest time and luckily we were able to get off the gym much earlier and were able to sample Angels' Kitchen before it closed for the evening. This restaurant closes fairly early (around 10:30pm) so better be there early like what we did.

The story I've heard about Angels' Kitchen is that it was a famous restaurant that was sole owned. Eventually he/she sold it to a group of moms, who changed the name from My Angel's Kitchen to just Angels' Kitchen.

The place is very nice, very cozy. It was kinda setup to instill an almost homey atmosphere or ambiance. It is basically a dining area where you can see an actual kitchen. Bear in mind that the actual kitchen is not of the industrial type but more of a home's kitchen setup. Even the dining area was simple and not as extravagant as you see in fine dining restaurants.

We were treated first with some free bread and Chicken Pistachio Pâté. I love free bread. But the free pâté was awesome! I really loved the pâté that I bought some to bring home and share with the family. It was really creamy and not metallic tasting like normal pâté. It was sweet and very rich. A perfect blend of flavors and spices. Although I didn't taste much of the pistachio nuts (it was overpowered by the liver and the spices), it was still very very good and we could not get enough of it.

We ordered two main dishes. We were feeling kinda healthy (or at least, trying to be) so we decided on the Ostrich Salpicao first. The dish was very good. It was very tasty and tender. Although the ostrich was not cooked consistently throughout the whole dish, it was indeed very very yummy! I love ostrich meat! It tastes like beef tenderloin but much more healthier. And sometimes, it is more tender than beef.

The next dish we sampled was the Crispy Steamed John Dory Fish Fillet which was really nice and refreshing. It wasn't as strong as the Ostrich Salpicao so it complemented our meal very well. The dory was perfectly cooked. Crisp on the outside and moist in the inside. The flavor was very oriental which reminded me of the steamed fish with sesame oil in Chinese Lauriats. My favorite! :) The only problem I had with the dish was that it lacked a bit of salt. So I sprinkled a little salt and the dish became perfect.

I couldn't choose between which meal I liked the best so instead of pondering with the choice. I concluded that both were yummy and moved on! I will definitely won't think twice of ordering the Ostrich Salpicao and the Crispy Steamed John Dory Fish Fillet again next time. Onto dessert, I ordered a night cap for dessert. Specifically, Espresso Affogato. I liked the coffee very much and of course ice cream (who doesn't like ice cream?). The only problem I had with the nightcap was that the quantity was really small for a steep price. Good thing the coffee and ice cream combo was really good or else this would be a disaster.

One complain on Angels' Kitchen though was our server. She seemed really unhappy with her job or something. She was kinda bitchy and snobbish. I don't know if it was late already that she didn't want any customers anymore so she could go home earlier or whatever. I really felt she had an issue or something. I normally try to cheer up servers with witty comments to ease some of their stress but with her it seemed like I was like talking to a rock. Sad though that such a good resto with great food could get a complain on service. A simple and yet one of the most important qualities one looks for in restaurants.


Anonymous said...

pretty expensive dito no? hehehe miss you bro!

oliboy said...

oks lang! sulit naman e kasi masarap! i miss you too cat! uwi ka na! wala na ako dive buddy! :(

Jen Tan said...

hey kras! i love Angel's kitchen too..you should try the soft shell crab salad saka yun pinakbet paella rice!!! =)

miss you krass and hey cat...a-mishooo....how's amsterdam???

oliboy said...

miss mo pwet mo! di ka nagpapakita e! hahaha!

yup, will try that next time... thanks kras! :)

Jen Tan said...

hahaha such rash words!!!! kras naman...I don't miss my pwet...a-mish-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! hahaha wala kana kase panahon para sakin eh...kuro AVT! AVT! PARATE NALNG AVT!!!! =( I AM J-LOUS! hahaha AVT A-labshoooooo and A-mishoooo too!!!! Tayo nalang foodtrip!!!! =P

oliboy said...

puro ka ganyan!

canDIshhh said...

Looooooooove AK.. One complain lang ako, maingay. Hahaha!! But that won't ever go away. Heheheh..

But the food is fab diba?

You should try the Spareribs with XO Rice, Panget LOOOOOOOOOVES it so much na he orders 2 XO rice.. :)

oliboy said...

maingay talaga kasi chinese area ang greenhills e. lahat sabay sabay nagsasalita! :)

dami namin tatry next, sira na naman ang diet! hahaha!

ALiNe said...

Parang ansarap nun ostrish salpicao olibear!

oliboy said...

MASARAP alien! food trip ka dito one time but for now yung mga backlog mo muna post mo! hahaha!

ALiNe said...

Olibear! Ang effort pagpunta dyan... Hahah andami ko pa subra backlogs... tsktsk! Delinquent blogger =D

princess_dyanie said...

ay ang saraaaap! oo nga, effort naman pumunta dito haha ;)

oliboy said...

alien and dyanie, oo nga pala mahal na ang pamasahe at gas! sulit naman e! :)

teddypork said...

pa fire natin yang idiot server hahaha

oliboy said...

hahaha! wag naman... kawawa naman... sabihan na lang natin na ayusin ang trabaho! :)

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