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Fish Be With You

May 30, 2008
Fish Out Of Water
Greenbelt 5, Makati City

The last time I was at Fish Out Of Water, I really wasn't that excited about it. I thought it was a bit expensive and a little too overrated. The food was not that great to complement with the high pricing. When I heard that the surprise jack and jill shower was going to be held there, I had mixed emotions. Sad about the venue but excited to try it out again. Maybe I was just feeling a bit tired the last time I was at Fish Out Of Water and hopefully I'd feel a lot better and be more open to it this time.

Kuhol And Hibi Chowder. This is very very good. The snails were very clean. You know this when there are no powdery texture when you bite into the kuhol. The soup was very flavorful. Although I would have preferred a bit more chunkiness to the chowder, it was very filling and definitely appetizing. A great way to start our meal and keep the palette working, ready for the main course.

Ostrich Salpicao. This was the dish that I remembered because it was quite good the last time I tried it. The dish was really abundant and very filling. Perfect for the one-viand-lots-a-rice-loving public and is indeed a good order for those on a budget since it's filling and not that expensive. The meat was really tender and looked a lot like beef. Literally, like beef tenderloin. One of the best dishes at Fish Out Of Water.

Pan-Seared Lapu Lapu With Uni Sauce. This was my favorite dish of the night. The plating was very nice and aesthetically well-prepared. The fish was pan-seared but was not at all oily like any pan-fried fish dish which was very good. The lapu-lapu was cooked perfectly and consistently all throughout. The texture was very moist and the fish used seemed really fresh. The lapu-lapu had no fishy taste and was not too robust so the uni sauce was a perfect accompaniment to it. The rich flavor of the sea urchin intensified the flavor of the seared lapu-lapu. It was simply heaven on a plate!

Seafood Paella. Nothing special. Just your normal paella and it was a bit too acidic for my taste. Maybe too much tomato sauce or tomato paste.

White Shrimp Penne In Tomato Sauce. This was very good. The taste was very good and the shrimps were cooked perfectly. This was probably a hundred times better than the paella order and I suggest you order this one for your "starch" dish instead of the paella. The serving was pretty big and it's good to share for 2 people. Awesome dish! :)

Yes, I admit it. I was wrong about Fish Out Of Water when I ate there the first time. Now I love it! The service was really good during our stay there and the service personnel Jeff was really a cool guy! This just solidifies the fact that some things are indeed, lovelier the second time around...


ALiNe said...

Sabi ko sayo pagod ka lang dati e ;-) I'm now craving for kuhol chowder.. mamaya nga ..hehe!

oliboy said...

oo nga e! tama ka nga! hahaha! sarap pala! buti na lang i gave it another go... thanks alien! :)

sarap ng kuhol chowder! uber sarap! :)

fran =) said...

great blog!! i love fish out of water, fell in love with it during my 1st visit :) although it may be a bit pricey, it's worth all that naman ;)

oliboy said...

thanks fran! sorry haven't been posting much lately, kinda busy at work... yup, love fish out of water now! it's a good thing i tried it again huh? :)

thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

(¯`v^÷•§åÑd®Á•÷^v´¯) said...

wow nmn kuya...chacharap nmn nyan haha..nice blog:D

oliboy said...

hey sandra! thanks for the blog visit! try mo sometime sa fish out of water! sarap talaga! :)

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