Monday, June 16, 2008

Cravin' For Some Japanese

June 10, 2008
Wilson Street, San Juan

Didn't know where to eat for dinner so we decided to have some Japanese. There is this restaurant in Wilson Street I've been dying to try since it opened. But when my brother told me that it wasn't that good, I kept on delaying the time that I would actually HAVE TO try it. The time has come and I came prepared, psychologically.

Really, Yuujin wasn't as bad as he had told me. It was a normal Japanese restaurant. With normal Japanese cuisine. Nothing actually special. My brother's exact words was "crap" but that wasn't the case. Or was it because I lowered my standards and wasn't expecting much...

We ordered the Sashimi Moriwase, Gyuniku Rice Topping, and Cha Soba. The mixed sashimi was really nice. Really fresh and very cheap for the quantity of sashimi's on the display plate. The Gyuniki Rice Topping was nothing really special and sort of reminded me of Christmas ham, which was really weird. For one, ham is pork and gyu is beef so the dish had a weird taste for me. The Cha Soba was not good. The noodles were too starchy in taste. This usually happens when the uncooked noodles get wet in storage OR they have passed their expiration date. I can't really assume what the reason behind the starchy taste was but it was bad. Good thing though that my favorite part of eating Cha Soba was there: the dipping sauce. The sauce gave flavor to the noodles and somewhat masked the starchy taste.

All in all, Yuujin is a nice little Japanese place but so are Sushi-Ya and Omakase. All are not actually the best in Japanese cuisine here in Manila like Kimpura, Sugi, Kuratake, or the likes. If you wanna have a budgeted Japanese meal, I'd stick with Omakase above all. It serves good yet inexpensive food. Although Yuujin has better/fresher sushi's and sashimi's compared to Omakase, it's kinda pricey and I believe your tummy will be filled up more in Omakase than Yuujin. Unless you don't have a choice... Sorry Yuujin! :)


fran =) said...

i live so near yuujin but ive never tried it yet :) i think i'll stick to omakase for yummy sushis and sashimis :)

ALiNe said...

Welcome back :) Omakase sushi and sahimi is lurve

oliboy said...

fran, hmm i guess you try it for experience-sake but yeah, stick with omakase instead. at least you're sure with omakase!

we're practically neighbors pala! hahaha!

oliboy said...

thanks alien! :)

oo nga e, fave budget jap cuisine ko omakase! :)

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