Thursday, June 26, 2008

Burger Avenue Q: The Review

June 21, 2008
Burger Avenue
Makati Avenue Corner Valdez Street, Makati City

After watching Avenue Q for the 2nd time, we just had to eat in theme so we decided to eat at Burger Avenue. My friend Kirby was talking about Burger Avenue's Ridiculous Challenge and we had to see for ourselves.

The challenge goes:

Order the Ridiculous Burger for Php 200

Text others your "good-byes"

Set the timer to 5 minutes

Visualize the enemy


Show your empty paper wrapper in under 5 minutes

Write down your name on the winners list

And you get your Php 200 back

Now, order another burger just because you are THE MAN

Only Kirby got to try the Ridiculous Challenge and it was too bad I didn't get to try it myself. Damn stupid toothache! :( I would have loved to be able to do this challenge also. I had to order ala carte instead. Ordered the... I've forgotten since I was busy drooling over the BIG-ARSE Ridiculous Burger. After the whole thing, I wished I had done it because even if I wasn't able to finish it, the 200-peso burger is well worth it. Their burgers are yummy and very juicy! Aileen ordered the Bacon Mushroom Burger and she loved it! :)

Burger Avenue, mark my words... I'll be back and conquer this challenge! (and order another burger for my midnight snack! Hehehe!)


ALiNe said...


oliboy said...

libre pag matakaw ka e! hahaha!

princess_dyanie said...

wow! yummm yummmm!!! ;P

oliboy said...

yum yum indeed! thanks princess_dyanie for the comment! :)

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