Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breakfast Of Champions

June 20, 2008
Flap Jacks
Greenbelt 2, Makati City

I'm not really a morning person and I HATE happy people so early in the morning. I just can't stand them. Only one thing, and one thing alone is good during mornings: BREAKFAST. A fairly new place opened up at Greenbelt 2, a place that serves breakfast. Flap Jacks.

I've heard about Flap Jacks from the radio (Good Times with Mo, Mojo, and Grace at 89.9) and when the gang decided to go there for dinner, I was excited. I've been craving for some Eggs Benedict for quite some time now so that was what I ordered. Eggs Benedict Pancakes is a dish in Flapjacks that uses pancakes instead of ordinary bread or muffin as lining for the poached eggs. Between the poached egg and pancake was a slice of breakfast ham and on top of it was a generous serving of hollandaise sauce to finish off the presentation factor. I love eggs benedict and this was probably a good version of it. It is definitely not the best eggs benedict I've ever tasted but good nonetheless. The hollandaise sauce is the basis of flavor for the eggs benedict. This is where you base the overall quality of the dish. So this is where I will expound on. The hollandaise sauce that Flapjacks uses is of good quality. It was served warm as it should be and very flavorful. A bit too tangy though in my opinion and lacked that buttery taste that I love. The egg yolk flavor was not overpowering, which was excellent. And the texture and consistency of the sauce itself was just right. In Flapjacks' case though, what made their eggs benedict really special was the pancake lining. The pancake was, as advertised, very fluffy. And I just love fluffy pancakes! :)

I also had the opportunity to sample the dishes my friends ordered like:

Beef Salpicao. Meat texture was inconsistent. Some were really tough and some were really tender. The taste was very flavorful. The dish was ok.

Hashbrown Burger. This was excellent. Very good for hamburger lovers who put fries inside their burgers because in this case, the kitchen staff puts a hashbrown inside the burger for you. Talk about good service! :)

Roastbeef. Kinda tough. The meat slices were of poor quality. I'd prefer Pancake House's version over this one. Better AND cheaper.

Country Fried Chicken. Southwestern meal that tasted like the roast beef. Maybe because they used the same gravy. Should have added more southwestern herbs or seasoning to make it more authentic. Chicken was not cooked consistently well. An "ok" dish.

Sausage With French Toast. The sausage was really very good. Tasty and flavorful. The french toast I wasn't fond of. You can make better french toast than this on your own. It was really nothing special. Good thing the sausage was very good else this would be a disaster.

Overall, the Flap Jacks experience was a very cozy one. The service was absolutely great. All you actually needed was a bed and the whole breakfast experience would be complete ala bed-and-breakfast! A bit too pricey for basic breakfast meals like longanisa and waffles so I suggest you do away with normal breakfast dishes and try their combos instead. BUT definitely, do not leave Flap Jacks without trying their pancakes. Flap Jacks is the new Country Waffles, the better Heaven N' Eggs (Yes, the quality is not the same anymore. Sadly.) ... I just hope they do not follow the trend of these kinds of restaurants though.


ALiNe said...

Just want to mention that they have free wifi :D Its a cozy place and I like it, though I won't order their babyback again

oliboy said...

thanks for the info alien! :)

canDIshhh said...

I don't like the food here.. Feeling ko overpriced! But in fairness, service is superb!! :)

oliboy said...

yup didi! bago kasi so maganda talaga service! :)

i agree, food is good but not GREAT!

spanx said...

holy hotcake, batman!
aline and candishhh are here too?

had dinner there last week,
very excited with the Denny's-like
menu... chicken fried steak. wow!!!

VERY DISAPPOINTED with the food.

NOT going back, sorry Flapjacks,
but you remind me of Heaven and Eggs:

great packaging, mediocre food.

oliboy said...

hahaha! yup spanx! they're my friends! 2 of the 3 people that read my blog... hahaha! :)

yup flap jacks reminded me also of heaven n eggs and i guess we know where it's gonna be headed also if they don't improve...

you gotta admit though, their pancakes are fluffy! :)

Lori said...

You and I will get along because I absolutely adore eggs benedict! I also ordered that when I went to Flapjacks as well as the Country Fried Steak. Food needs to be improved and service was spotty as well.

oliboy said...

i know! we have good taste! :)

we're going to apartment 1b on saturday!!! saw your review on it by the way and as usual, you did a great job! i'm EGGSited for 1b!!!

thanks for passing by lori!

♥u8mYpiNkco0kiEs♥ said...


tried this one time and we didn't like the food. Overpriced pa but nothing special w/ their menu.

i like Pancake House better!

oliboy said...

main reason why i haven't returned to flapjacks: others are definitely better! :)

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