Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pirate's Booty

May 13, 2008
Carlo's Pizza
Metrowalk, Pasig City

We've been looking for a place to eat at Metrowalk after getting some faulty pirated DVDs replaced. I was shocked to find out that they already have pirated copies of Blu-ray and HD-DVD movies so I had to buy some to test its quality. Yes, I am a client of the pirate world but I DON'T buy pirated local DVDs and CDs. I'm sorry Sir Edu but what do you expect? It's dirt cheap! And yes, I'm an arse because of this... :( After all that pirating or piratism (whatever you call it), we got hungry and were in search for some pirate booty! Without a treasure map, we came across Carlo's Pizza. I believe that this is same as the one in Tagaytay. I haven't really tried it yet so we decided to have a go at it.

The place is like any normal run-of-the-mill pizza place, much like the ambiance of a Don Henrico's. As usual, the smell of pizza cooking in the oven engulfed us and surrounded as like a swarm of bees to honey. I'm calling for a bit stronger ventilation in the place though unless you mind sitting al fresco staring and (sometimes) making fun of passers-by. The service was really fast and it was really nice since we were really hungry. A good combination of pizza and buffalo wings were in "order" so we decided to get the Capriciossa Pizza and the Buffalo Wings. It both has your usual tomato (or was that an apple?) on the side of the menu item signifying that it was their specialty so we had to try these:

The Capriciossa Pizza was very good. I like it because the cheese was very strong and tasty. I always love that distinct cheese taste on the pizza that is why one of my favorite pizzas is the quattro formaggio pizzas because I love cheese. Carlo's Pizza also has this type of pizza but we decided against it since both of us could not actually finish two 9-inch pizzas. The Capriciossa Pizza we got had a bunch of toppings like Salami, Italian ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, green bell peppers, and onions. A lot in variety but not in quantity. I don't know what's wrong with pizzas nowadays, they seem to have less and less toppings as time goes. Good thing this pizza tasted good hence I would have damed this pizza to hell. It is kinda pricey for its size and toppings but nonetheless delicious!

Our next order was the Buffalo Wings. I was really excited about this since when it came to our table, it was literally smoking hot. The smoke would rise consistently off the glistening chicken wings. Size-wise, the chicken wing was definitely humongous and it was a relief to have ordered just 3 pieces instead of the initial plan of ordering 5 pieces. My excitement and anticipation though turned counter-clockwise upon sampling the dish. I knew it was gonna be a tough thing to swallow (no pun intended) when we tried cutting a piece. It was, yes, crispy outside, which was good BUT very stringy and tough inside. You know how breast meat toughens and becomes like cardboard when overcooked. That was what I think happened to this dish. It was really tough and hard to slice. We also noticed that the chicken wing part was not deboned and chopped properly which left shards of broken bone sticking the upper wall of your mouth. The order was also very salty. Delectable and tasty when you start but it became saltier the more you dig in to it. The sauce was an utter let-down. It was ranch dressing. Very bad ranch dressing. Very runny and lacked a certain flavor to it. Maybe some blue cheese. I don't know. The only good thing about the sauce was that it was a breath of fresh air from all that saltiness. A palette cleanser of some sort. It was really sad though that I was really looking forward to the Buffalo Wings and it did not deliver. Sad that it was not that good. Sad that we had to wash it down with some bottomless watery Lipton Iced Tea instead of cherishing the flavor.

I WOULD comeback to Carlo's Pizza though and WOULD, in fact, recommend it to my friends. Next time, I would probably sample the other pizzas and pastas they have to offer. I don't wanna judge Carlo's Pizza just because I didn't like their Buffalo Wings. The fact is, Carlo's Pizza is a pizza place, stick with the pizza (or pasta)...


ALiNe said...

Ok. No buffalo wings to order here :)

oliboy said...

oo stick with the pizza! it's good! :)

Cheryl said...

hi nice blog you have here!Ü just wanted to ask if the price of there pizza is reasonable? would like to try it out soon. thanks!

Anonymous said...

pizza looks good.

oliboy said...

hey cheryl! thanks for visiting my blog, put a link to your blog so i can go visit yours too. the pizza that we got was around 270, not bad for a 9" pizza but more toppings would be better! :) yup, go visit carlo's and try it out for yourself! :)

oliboy said...

ei sakai! thanks for the visit as usual! :) yup, looks good! try it out sometime! :)

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