Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Original

April 27, 2008
Mos Burger
Isetan Department Store
Orchard Road, Singapore

When I first tried Sango Burger I was really impressed and I loved it. I posted it a couple of days ago and my friend Andrew told me that it was just a copy of Mos Burger in Japan, I vowed to try it one day...

I was in Singapore looking for a quick place to eat since we had to rush back to the hotel to freshen up before our meeting. Walking around Orchard Road was indeed a treat and yet so confusing at that. We went back and forth on the road in search for a quick and yet "blog-worthy" place to eat. We decided to go to Isetan Department Store on the corner of Orchard and Scotts to look for a good lunch place. Low and behold, I found a Mos Burger branch at the grocery level of the big department store. We were in a dilemma though since there was Mos Burger AND Pepper Lunch there. I haven't tried both so I was juggling between which of the two to pick. I've tried both their "clones" here in Manila: Sango for Mos and Sizzling Pepper Steak for Pepper Lunch, hence my small predicament. The way that I decided this was via the fact that Pepper Lunch is about to open in Rockwell anytime soon and so Mos Burger it was! I was excited with this, The Original, and I was about to try it for the first time. I certainly had high expectations and I wished Mos would not fail me.

I ordered the Yakiniku Rice Burger since I haven't tried it in Sango and I might say that it was one of the best burgers I've ever had. I mean I have nothing to compare it with, not even the "clone", but it was really tasty. The tender beef was very good and it tasted very good. A right blend of the saltiness and sweetness topped with the tender sukiyaki beef cuts was awesome. I have a few complains though: it was a bit too oily and the size, OH MY, the size! The burger was so small! Maybe because of the rice shortage, huh?

There is an actual silver lining to the tiny burger that I had. It was the opportunity to try ANOTHER burger! I wanted to try the Master Cheese Burger so that I can compare it to the clone so because of the tiny Yakiniku Burger, I had this chance. And I grabbed it, bit on it, and called it MINE! The Master Cheese Burger was not as sloppy as Sango's and this was really a good thing rather than a bad thing. The sloppiness of Sango's Master Burger hid the taste of the actual burger pattie whereas in Mos' case, the meat sauce and the burger pattie complemented each other. Topped with cheese and the classic sliced tomato, it was heavenly.

Being able to find Mos Burger is probably one of the highlights of this trip. Thanks Andrew for telling me about Mos! By the way, I tried the mustard and it was indeed yummy!


whiffandasip said...

I love MOS Burger too but recently discovered a new Jap burger - Freshness Burger. Check out my site for the review.

oliboy said...

i just read your blog on freshness burger. it's in hong kong so i'll probably try it out when i get to visit hong kong... hopefully this year co'z i miss hong kong already! :(

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