Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Injury Update

Fourteen (14) weeks post-op, my ankle looks better and feels better. I'm happy I've seen the best doctor in Manila when it comes to sport-related injuries, Doctor Edgardo Eufemio. I'm still in the process of rehabilitation and currently undergoing strengthening exercises on my own. The only problem is that I still can't bear too much weight on the ankle and do sports. The only sport I can do is swimming and scuba diving, which is also cool! I've been well taken care of and I feel so lucky that I healed really fast. Maybe the combination of home remedies my grandmother would give me and of course, proper multivitamins and vitamin C. I've been also trying out Revicon Max since I needed some ginseng in my diet on top of the basic multivitamins and minerals. Yes, it's just a multivitamin but its edge is the fact that it has royal jelly and ginseng added to it. Which is very beneficial for my injury. Ginseng, as we all know, are given to us as kids so that we can go taller as we go through puberty. Well, that's what my grandmother used to say to us but I really didn't believe her until now. The ginseng in Revicon Max sped up the healing process of my injury and instead of going four (4) months of rehab, at the rate I am going, I think I can do it in less. I hope to go surfing again soon and get to play some basketball during the weekends cause I really miss them.

Thanks to my bestfriend Jench for giving me samples of Revicon Max from Unilab. Funny to think that from heartache to my physical injury, Jench has always been a part of my healing process... Love you bestfriend! :)


oliboy said...

thanks leela travels... sorry for the booboo! :)

ALiNe said...

Awww... :D

Jennifer said...

bespreng ngayon ko lang nabasa to. ang sweet mo! likewise bespren, remember our friends from timezone da crocodiles & my new mantra which I learned from you? "DI NA TAYO BATA!" nyahahahaaa!!!! from major heartaches to wala lang kadramahan, you've been there to listen and put some sense back into me. salamat talaga. love you too!!!

oliboy said...

besprens forevahhhhh! :)

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